Saturday, November 3, 2007

How to see the doctor while traveling.

While going through Alabama I needed to get something for the poison ivy I picked up in the SE. This is the most convenient way to visit a doctor's office while traveling: Find an Urgent Care with a really big parking lot, pull in at night when it is empty, turn around, park by the exit and go to sleep. Wake up in the morning 15 minutes before they open, stand outside with three other people, then go wait inside for an hour. But I didn't have to wait in the office the whole hour, I went "home" and had breakfast while waiting. After I got my prescription I walked across to the pharmacy and filled the prescription, again going "home" to wait. Then off toward Arizona.

Gainesville College 6-hour Oct 07

Todd and I raced our first ever "endurance" race. Not knowing what we were capable of, we decided to ride together till about an hour to go, then race each other. The cool thing about a longer race is that you can talk and ride; we had a blast chatting with friends, most of whom we had not seen in the last year. I got in 12 laps along with the top five solo guys. The top solo was Eric Watson, beating my time by almost 16minutes. Results (Thanks for the picture Mark.)