Friday, January 26, 2007

Christmas in NM

25 inches of snow in 48 hours. This picture was taken at 24 hours.
Dec 19th, I just finished a hard block of training. I took Ira to the airport, sent him to visit our sister in Texas. The plan was to leave for NM and park at Todd's Mom (Barbara) and stepDad (Chris)'s place. Chris had a spot all ready for us, he even cut trees so the motor home would fit.
A winter snowstorm hit right before I left Tucson. I took my time, waiting for the snow to melt on I-25. When the roads were clear I headed up to Santa Fe, but the city roads were completely snow packed and icy so I stayed at a RV resort on the edge of town. Todd had arrived from Baltimore the day before, it was nice to see him after three weeks.
Christmas was great. I had a good cold for two weeks, so could only do short easy rides on the trainer. Most of Todd's family still lives in Santa Fe. Mom and stepDad, Dad and stepMom, brothers and grandmas. His cousins from Texas and his brother and sister-in-law from LA were there to visit.
The big snowstorm hit the night of the 28th. ~15 inches. Todd swept all of the snow off of the roof. The dogs loved playing in the snow. It snowed all day and night; we ended up with a total of 25 inches. Todd swept the roof again, but was not quite as happy about it the second time. I was "sick" so didn't have to do anything. :)
The snow messed up the time I planned to visit my family in Albuquerque, I was able to see my Aunt Carolyn (Rusty), Uncle Jim and Grandma, but not my cousin. Grandma and Uncle Jim both shoveled a path from their front doors to the street for us. Go Grandma! My Grandparents full-time RV'd for six years, my Aunt and Uncle spend more than half their time RVing.

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