Monday, February 18, 2008

Crazy Week

What a week, was it only last weekend that I did the local AZ race? I have "lived" at Freightliner, the White Tanks venue (for the race), Freightliner (again), a truck stop between Tucson and Phoenix, a campground in Tucson, a hotel (back) in Phoenix, and in the van at the Old Pueblo (OP) race in Tucson. I have woken up to the alarm clock (cell phone alarm) every day for the last week; I really don't like getting up early. Todd made it back from the east coast Wednesday night bringing me the VW van for the OP race, which was really nice. It is so much easier/quieter/warmer/drier to live in the van vs. a tent.
The Kenda Titus Hayes team met up in Phoenix Thursday for a mini team camp. It was great to meet everyone including ultra endurance racers Danielle Musto and Hillary Harrison who have a different race schedule than the rest of us.
It rained Friday, turning the long dirt road to the OP venue into a muddy slip n slide. There was a long string of traffic headed in and I was really worried that the van would get stuck and block everyone. Luckily I made it in and found our team area which Jim at Kenda had set up for us, a great place to stage and stay dry. It started snowing on and off that evening; my teammates, team director and mechanic decided a wet 25 degrees was too cold for camping and risked the road out to find a hotel. I crashed in the van and never slept so well. I woke up at 1:00am to find the place crazy quiet and covered in over an inch of snow. I was too sleepy to find the camera so went back to bed, the snow had pretty much melted when I woke up.

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