Saturday, March 29, 2008


Thanks to everyone who wished me luck this weekend. It was a fun weekend, even though I didn't perform as well as I should have and, for some reason, couldn't stay on my bike during the races. On the first lap I hit my head so hard I thought I was out of the race. I was pretty sure (based on previous experience) that if I had a concussion I would be the last one to know about it, and if I did recognise that I had one then I wouldn't have the short term memory to remember. So, it was probably best to just keep going. I recovered pretty quickly but crashed again on the second lap and ran off the course a few more times. I was getting cheers like "nice flowers", "a little blood never hurt anyone" and "nothing better than a girl covered in dirt". That made me smile (see picture, a weed on my back, no blood yet). When I finally chilled out on the downhills I started doing a bit better and began passing on the climbs. I placed 21st which is great considering my poor execution. Short Track didn't go well at all, my legs never came around and I crashed again. I never even looked at the results, I was dropping like a rock towards the end and I don't want to know how close to dead last I ended up. I'll try again next week, hopefully this was a good kickstart. I had fun hanging out with my new team, all of whom did really well. It should be a great week as we all get ready for Arizona next weekend (NMBS#2). My younger brother Mikah (a Marine) leaves for Iraq tomorrow, he'll be there for ~7months.


  1. that's ok! shake it off and good luck at the next one.

  2. Thank you Mikah, for your service. You are in my prayers. Krista, you just got all your crashes out of the way (for the season, I hope). I am confident you will only improve. Rubber side down, here on out.

  3. Sweet Fireline. Lucky.

    Good luck this year to you and Mr. Klicksta Pepe!

    Always a cold one waiting when y'all pass thru.