Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lake Tahoe

Before leaving Truckee, CA I decided to do a road ride around Lake Tahoe with Cass. 72 mile road ride, sounded like an awesome idea at the time. Todd opted to stay home...
The views were pretty amazing. We started in Tahoe City and headed clockwise around the Lake. It rained, no problem, we had rain gear. The temperature dropped, no problem we had lots of clothes. We tried to skirt the traffic through towns by taking side roads, that worked pretty well till we got ~40 miles into the ride, around the stateline (right before South Lake Tahoe).
We took a side road, then a nice bikepath that ended in a campground. No problem, Cass found a singletrack. The singletrack turned into a swamp, but Cass saw a road across the way. I am not sure why we kept going, but we ended up crossing a drainage ditch, climbing over cable boxes, sneaking through the back yards of a trailer park and finally cut through a yard and behold we were on a road (in a gated trailer park. The automatic gate almost took Cass out as we hightailed it out of there).
We made it back to the main road, it was raining, the traffic was bad, we rode the sidewalk, and I was getting really cold (~40 something degrees and soaking wet-so much for rain gear). The sidewalk ran out, Cass saw a covered valet parking area outside a hotel/casino and suggested we hang out there for a bit, I saw the Starbucks sign and said Yes. That was the end of our ride, we called Nick for rescue... Cass would have kept going, but I was done with cold and rain. I won $81 on slots (then lost $40 of it), and drank lots of coffee while we waited on a ride.
More views of the rest of our planned route (but taken from the car).

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