Sunday, February 22, 2009

Race Clinic March 1st @ US West Cup #1

SoCal riders, please help pass the word! Thanks! Note: Clinic is now scheduled for 3:00 We will do a drawing, one attendee will receive a free pair of Ergon grips at each clinic, thanks Ergon! click on the following picture for larger view of the flyer. Also, the new US Cup/Pro Tour Site is up! click on the US CUP logo (left side of blog).

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sponsor Thanks - Voler and Genuine Innovations

I love Voler cycling clothes, plus their service is top notch, fast shipping, easy returns and they always include two tootsie rolls with the shipment. The thermal vest is awesome (top left), the wind vest and wind jackets are perfect for stashing in my jersey pocket. These go well with my Voler undershirts, leg and knee warmers, and thermal gloves. The jackets and vests were part of my winter kit, but I bet I use them all year.
Thank you Genuine Innovations for the support again this year!! Check out the new floor pump, it has a really solid feel and is a good looking pump, stainless steel and black. You'll see the Big Air! on my seatpost all year, hopefully I will never need it in a race.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Live Old Pueblo 24 hour Race Results

Todd and I had a great time watching the OP, warm, at "home", via live updates. Thanks Epic Rides!

This is the list we were keeping up with: .

Solo - Single Speed Female 1st Place: Lynda Wallenfels beat everyone in Male SS solo (29 racers), beat everyone in Female geared solo (20 racers) and placed 5th in the Male geared solo (102 racers). Wow! 2nd: Rebecca Tomaszewski . Solo - Single Speed Male 1st Place: Dejay Birtch, 4th: Chad Brown, 6th: John Hudspeth (Incycle) . Solo Female 1st Place: Sarah Kaufmann, 3rd: Mary Metcalf-Collier . Solo Male Dave Harris was in 3rd when we went to bed, but we must have jinxed him because that was his last lap. 69th (out of 102): Brian Rogers (Incycle) looks like he stopped at 10:30pm. . 4 Person Men Open 1st Place: Adrenaline Race Team (Andy Schultz, Sam Schultz and friends) vs. 2nd: Kona (Ryan Trebon, Barry Wicks and friends) . Duo Co-ed 1st Place: Shoair (Mario Correa and Heidi Volpe). This was an exciting race till something happened to the Man, Wife and Bike team (KC and Chris Holley). . 4 Person - Single Speed 4th place: Los Cycle Locos (Issac, Dominic, Aaron & Mark) . 5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 1st Place: Ergon Corporate (Jeff Kerkove, Sonya Looney and friends), 2nd: M and M Cycling (Jen and Dave Wilson and friends)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nutrition Sponsor: Dedicated Athlete

I am excited to be using the full line of Dedicated Athlete products this year!! I really like the Vanilla Creme recovery drink (Rapid Recharge) and my favorite energy drink (Rapidade) flavor is Jittery Orange. John is really dedicated to using top of the line ingredients and creating a product which allows the athlete to get the most out of their workouts and recover as quickly as possible. Dedicated Athlete is also the official drink sponsor of the US Cup races!

Monday, February 9, 2009

If you ride in the rain you need this

Here is another product that really works.
It has been raining almost non-stop for four days. I don't mind riding in the rain as much as I mind putting on wet shoes or starting in the rain.
Luckily I have been able to start each ride with dry shoes and a dry helmet thanks to this gadget. ZeroGoo 10% off code: Krista
(They also have a 12V car option.) After Friday night's ride in the rain I had to get ready for Saturday's early morning race. I put one shoe in front of a space heater and used the ZeroGoo on the other. The ZeroGoo dried much faster. I shut off the heater and used the ZeroGoo on both shoes and the helmet. Sunday I got in a morning ride in the rain, dried my shoes and did an evening spin on the trainer - with dry shoes!
Saturday's race (3rd in the SoCal Shimano Winter Series) was perfect with a break in the weather just long enough for the XC race.
Todd placed 3rd in SingleSpeed.
I placed 1st, but there was only one other Pro female. They started us with the Pro and Expert men which is cool, lots of guys to race. My legs were not nearly as tired going into the race this week which made for a much happier race.
The 4x and Downhillers had to race in the rain, but they were all there to cheer us on. Thanks Incycle!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

In Anticipation

I was hoping to post all about my 2009 sponsors today, but things are still not 100%, so hopefully next week! (I may be selling my carbon Titus Racer-X. I just weighed it, 22.6lbs w/o pedals, size small.) I am adding sponsor logos to my blog as things are finalized and products arrive. It is starting to feel a lot like Christmas... One company who has been behind me since I started racing is LHThomson (Thomson seatposts and stems). They have been very supportive of me and the entire Southeast race scene. Both Todd and I won more than one Thomson gift certificate as Sport racers, now that was a pretty cool payout. As anyone who has used their products or toured the Thomson facility and watched the manufacturing and destructive test process knows, these lightweight products outperform anything else. They even have a super fun singletrack right there at the facility. I have strayed away from Thomson seatposts twice in my race career and ended up with a broken seatpost both times. So if you haven't already, check them out.