Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fall Races? Where to Winter?

Next week I'll do a review on my new S-Works cranks. Right now I am trying to figure out where to go next. Last weekend was as far as my 2009 plans went. It's now time to figure out the rest of the year. So far looks like CO, CA, NV then NM. Todd is in San Dimas, CA for a 2-week job. Looks like I'll go join him the weekend before Interbike and do the Bonelli race. (Anyone have info on the course?) I'm looking for fall races to attend. We are attending Todd's brother's wedding Oct 4th in NM, so it looks like the Farmington Road Apple Rally (Oct 3rd) will be a good one. Who is going to Moab? Maybe I should look at that. Or maybe we'll just hang out in Santa Fe all October. The Southeast is out this year due to lack of travel funds... Where should we spend the winter? Tucson? SoCal? I liked the Laguna Niguel, CA area, how is the riding and winter temperature there? Are there any places to park the RV? If you have any info, my email is Thanks!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Windham NY: XC Flat! (15th). 10th in Short Track.

Wednesday: loooong travel day. I left Vallecito Lake at 6:00am, drove to Albuquerque, flew to Las Vegas (kinda the wrong direction), lost $40 trying to get rich at the slots, flew to Albany, drove a rental to Windham, got into my horrible room at 2:00 am. Thursday: Tried to find another hotel, ended up swapping rooms at the same hotel (to one with an air-conditioner and no giant ants), built bike, Stans'd tires, pre-rode course, washed muddy bike, and tried to find food and ice. Friday: slept. a lot. Pre-rode and washed the bike again then found the awesome Taste Cafe. Sadie and everyone there were so nice and the food was great. Saturday: XC. Third row call-up since I have missed three Pro Tour Races. After slowly making my way through the pack, I was sitting two spots behind Pua, feeling strong and so happy with my legs. We finished the first climb and hit the downhill. I heard the dreaded hiss of a flat tire. My 1st response is always denial, "it isn't my tire"; then pleading "please seal, please seal!". I ended up limping to the start/finish techzone, getting on and off the bike multiple times trying to get the gash to seal and hold air. I slid out any time I leaned the least little bit and nailed the rim on every single rock. Getting passed by the entire field is a horrible feeling. To make it worse, I hadn't aired my spare wheels. As soon as I swapped to the new wheel the rim bottomed out and I thought "oh no"! I got off, filled it with my new BigAir and took off. Motivation lasted an entire 2-minutes then, remembering where I was and not seeing anyone to pass, I just wanted to pull out. All that work for nothing. My goal had been to finish 10th and I was now ~ 30th. It took a bit of persuading but I told myself it was practice for the NY World Cup next year and Todd would kill me if I spent all that money to get out there and quit after only one lap... Plus, if I could finish Sea Otter, I could finish this. I kept going and made it up to 15th by the finish line, 4 seconds behind Judy Freeman. Sunday: ST. I was called up 2nd to last since I have not done a single series ST this year. Legs again felt good and I was able to finish 10th, again behind Judy Freeman. Got back to the hotel to find my door wide open. nice, at least I now had clean towels... Monday: Another long travel day, made it "home" at 1:00am. Tuesday: After 6 hours sleep I was up to get the dogs from the kennel in Durango, unpack, build up bike, have dinner and play cards with Grandma and Aunt and Uncle, then I slept for 10 hours! Expensive trip, but it was worth it to verify my fitness level and to see the course for next year. Plus, I really enjoy seeing and talking to everyone. To make up for it (and the $40 in Vegas) I just bought a $5 Power Ball ticket (the first one of my life) so keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Kit, SS, Racers and Bears - not related

New Kit:

Thanks and Pro Mfg!

My SS:

The weekly SS rides have been a blast, now if only the frame was a S-Works carbon w/horizontal dropouts and it had King Cages...

PT hub to keep Lynda happy.

Bears, our new neighbors:

Mama Bear nicely opened the motorhome compartment, see paw prints:
She removed the stuff in the way (no damage) and took my dog food bins down the hill to Grandma's house. .
They obviously worked for a while but were able to spin open the lids and have dinner. I watched them return the next night and try the latch again, but this time I had locked it. I yelled at them to go away, they did and haven't tried to get in again. We have seen them cut through the yard though.
CO Trail Racers:

Scott and Max

Dave Harris finished in the dark with a hub that wasn't really working. The CO Trail racers were finishing in Durango (they started in Denver). Checking their gps locations and trying to figure out if they were sleeping, eating, or riding was entertaining. I was able to go to the trail and meet a few of them, I ran across Ethan changing a flat ~ 3 miles from the finish. The next evening I met Max in the parking lot waiting on Scott Morris. I rode ~ 5 miles then ran into Scott, I followed him out and he was riding like he had just jumped on his bike, crazy. MTBCast also had updates on the riders as they called in and left messages along the way.
NY: I leave for New York on Wednesday, hope my social Durango training pays off...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Durango July 2009, Ned's Specialized SS

Lots going on in Durango this last week.
Sunday 7/26 Durango Century It was a tour "not a race" and I did not race. I did work in the lead paceline a bit, I chased a guy or two even though they were not going anywhere, basically I just had fun. In order to keep out of trouble with my coach, I dropped off the lead pack at ~ 65 miles and rode a more steady pace. Luckily another girl Mel dropped off as well and we pedaled, talked, stopped at an aid station then rode together a little more. My time was still 4:25 which seems really fast for 100 miles. I think it helped that there were no other girls in front of us (except the ones on tandems), otherwise "not racing" may have been too hard to handle.
Wednesday After my normal workout I headed into town to do the local weekly Durango Devo ST race. The A men and women race together which was great since there were only three women. With 3+ minute laps I didn't get lapped by any guys and finished 1st in the women. The cost is $10 and the proceeds go to the Devo kids, so I am all over that.
Thursday I hooked up with the local singlespeed ride and got to ride with Ned Overend! Ned was riding his new 2010 S-Works, 29'r, Carbon SS. I had actually met Ned earlier in the week at a local shop where he was building up his bike, see pic - notice the horizontal dropouts. I was too enamored by his bike to even realize who I was talking too. I did consider that it was Ned himself, but he just didn't act like it, he was too down-to-earth and friendly. No one else said anything either. I know, I am an idiot. I have wanted to meet Ned for a long time, I still want to get him to sign my copy of Mountain Bike Like A Champion since I use that book in my skills clinics.
Saturday I raced the Hermosa Creek Classic. 38-miles point-to-point. There were 4 pro women, I finished 1st and took home $175. Nice! I had my newly installed Carbon S-Works cranks on the race bike and although they took a beating on the rocks, they still look good and saved me 70 grams over the XTR with adapters (no cups needed on the S-Works).
Sunday I played with my cousin's daughter Logan (my second cousin?) and taught her how to siphon water. My ride today was a 2.5 hour scenic road ride. My legs felt good and I pushed it for a while, ran out of water and kept going just because I felt like it. I finished the ride by spinning easy with another cyclist, a girl who had stopped to take a picture along the route.