Monday, December 14, 2009

Clinic, Arizona Endurance Series, Erika at Cross Nationals...

Indoor clinic at Sabino Cycles this past Thursday: . Right before the holidays is a good time to review your nutrition. I talked about the tips I have learned, mentioned books that have been helpful and discussed products like Cooper Complete and FRS. We snacked on veggies and water while avoiding the ranch dip. :) Sunday's Kentucky Camp ride (part of the AZ Endurance Series): . 46 mile MTB ride followed by swag, campfire, food and hanging out with new friends.
Todd's group I wore too many clothes, who knew it would be warm.
Topofusion course profile. (Mirre and I added the last ~7 miles, it isn't part of the course.) .
Cross Nationals, Erika Powers: My sister Erika placed 10th out of 50+ in her first big race, Masters 30-34, US National Cross Championship in Bend, OR. She also raced in the Elite race on Sunday but was crashed out on the pavement when another girl looked back and swerved right into her. in her words: "DNF not how I wanted to end the season...made it through the 1st lap without getting hung up in any crashes and felt good, hit the pavement and a girl turned to look back swerved into me and took me out, trashed the right side of me and my bike, broke spokes, rear derailer, handlebar...but it was the most exciting and race I have been in till that happened and I am excited to go try again next year!!" Pro XCT:
No news yet... . Trips for Kids: Arizona Daily Star article on the Trips for Kids ride I attended a couple weeks ago. . 2010 Sponsorship: Sponsorship is not working out too well this year, same story everywhere, budget cuts... I'll do an update on where I am with everything in the next couple weeks. Still trying to get to Europe for some racing, not sure if that will work out now...

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