Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pro XCT news, riding in Tucson, Ergon BA1

Crazy week in Tucson.
Freezing night temps, rain, hail on our ride, see more great pics of this ride on Chad's blog and on our new Holland friend Mirre's blog. (Read the kind of translated version here.)
Mirre after the hail melted. Pic by Chad.
Snow and ice on Mt Lemmon, Lance is rumored to be in town. US Cup and Pro XCT split, Cycling News article. This is good because we need a change, maybe it won't make for the best year, but hopefully things will improve as a result. My sister, Erika Powers, is attending her first ever UCI cross race, US Nationals in Bend, OR this weekend. She will race both the Masters (Friday) and Elite (Sunday) race. I assume without any UCI points she will be lining up on the back row, so her goal will be to pass and many racers as possible. I'll be checking MTBracenews and following Cyclocross Nationals 2009 on facebook for updates. I got a new pack. Ergon BA1! It fits great, actually, it feels like you don't even have a pack on, zero pressure on my shoulders. I love that it opens like a duffel bag so I can see everything at once. I use every pocket, actually I just found the one on the side that may be accessible while riding, haven't tried that one yet.
Pic stolen from Scott, my go-to ride partner when Todd is busy.
Last crazy thing: Dejay Birtch can cook!


  1. Temps and weather look better for this weekends ride...see you then!

  2. Can I just come and park my rv rig in your back yard? you having too much fun out there!

  3. The pack looks very cool. Guess you need something more than just a hydration pack for those long trips in AZ!