Monday, January 11, 2010

The AZ Trail Jamboree was an awesome event, complete with a shuttle to the starting point, a BBQ after and a thank you tile.

Chad's pictures and post here.  Scott's post here.  These guys take the best pictures. Scott's post includes pictures from Friday evening's ride with Todd, they did Milagrosa while I just rode up Mt Lemmon and took the camera phone sunset pictures below. 

Nick Update:

 click map for up-to-date info

Looks like he made it through Las Cruces, NM. You can see where the SPOT batteries died for a couple days. Since he plans his route as he goes he ended up on a dirt road for a long while in there somewhere, I'm still waiting on that story. 

Tucson Pictures:

Todd and Marty checking out the Bike Memorial

View from ~ 9 miles up Mt Lemmon road

View from ~ one mile up Mt Lemmon

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  1. Good to see the Park Clan out in full force. Thank you again for help promoting the event on your blog...