Monday, January 4, 2010

Nick Kindt, you have been SPOTed

 Cass and her pink muffs

Cass Perkins, a friend and fellow pro racer, now cycling coach at Warren-Wilson College, decided to spend her holiday break in Florida getting a private pilot's license!

Her boyfriend Nick, not to be out-done, packed his bike for a touring trip and bought a one-way ticket to LA, CA. The plan is to ride back to North Carolina, or to see how far he can get, while visiting everything of interest in his path.  Nick has been enjoying his what I would call "off-the-grid" experience sending the occasional email out to friends and family, using maps (no GPS), turning his cell off, making plans day by day, etc.

 Nick and Bob

His mistake was letting us know he was coming through Tucson. He made it to the outskirts of town where Todd met him, a little further in Scott was the 2nd of the welcome crew and I joined them for the last 30 minutes.

 Nick, Todd and Scott

 Taking a shortcut

Now, thanks to Scott at TopoFusion, Nick has his own SPOT page.

So although Nick may not know where he is, the rest of us will!

No sooner had Nick turned on the SPOT he got a call from Matt Lee who had seen Nick pop up on the map. After a day or two of bike repairs and some side trip riding he'll hit the road again.  If anyone wants to offer route advice or a couch to crash on, send me an email:, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

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  1. Whoa! A full profile on your blog!!!??? I feel so loved!