Sunday, February 7, 2010

SSUSA 2010 Results

See how wide my bars are? What I lacked in power against these boys I planned to make up with leverage.

 Tim Allen's new carbon Niner (17lb SS), picture by Fuzzy Mylne

Here are some of the SSUSA Results. 
Racers continued to come in after those listed here, in fact riders were still rolling in past dark. Only a few finish times (time of day) are listed. The race officially started at 9:45am after a 7.5 mile neutral roll-out to the dirt via paved roads, staging of bikes, removing front wheels, singing happy birthday to Dejay, running back to and assembling bikes. 

Dax (1st place) did not know his time and in true SSing fashion no one wrote it down. Scott Morris who was crazy fast today after just converting a SS came in ~4th in about 4 hours. I was in ~13th with a race time of 4:13. Todd and I were on the same pace until he broke not one, but two eggbeaters. Some riders, including Todd, skipped the Chiva (right) loop and presumably did not sign in at the finish. With one broken pedal Todd waited for me to complete the very slow 17-mile Chiva loop. While waiting he borrowed a pedal and drank a Dales Pale Ale, or two. Going down Milagrosa he broke his other pedal.
It was a great ride, we had a blast and it was really cool to see the Durango singlespeed crew so well represented. I hope to post some good race pictures, once I find out who took them...

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