Monday, May 17, 2010

Roller Coaster Week

Currently in Santa Fe, NM

This week started out poorly with Mojo, our 14 year old lab, having to be rushed to the vet then having to put him down (more below). But Thursday I had a great ride with local BTI guys including Tim and decided last minute on Friday to head up to the Triple Crown #2 race in Nathrop, CO (between Buena Vista and Salida) where I had a fun weekend.

I arrived to cold rain, snow, sleet and mud Friday night and thought that this trip was a big mistake. I slept in the van, the weather cleared up, I raced the Flash in Super D Saturday and in XC Sunday with perfect conditions. 

The overall results of the Triple Crown are your XC result and either ST or SuperD. The SuperD was really a mostly flat all-out time trial effort. I was super stoked to finish 3rd. Good write up and pics here:

"Super D" time trial results

Triple Crown #2 Venue

The XC race was going well till I crashed hard and had to work on my bike for a bit. We almost never need the tools we carry, but I was glad to have them Sunday. I got going again, but was pretty beaten up and thought about quitting.  Sonya was really encouraging as I struggled up a hill trying to get back in a groove.

XC trail

Overall top 10, XC result decides a tie
(XC left column, then ST, SuperD, best of ST or SuperD, total score, overall result)

More about Mojo:

Mojo and Jake as puppies almost 14 years ago here in Santa Fe.

Mojo on the way home from vet trip #1

This was my Facebook post on May 8th:


Krista Park Scary day. Mojo, our 14yr old lab, has been having breathing issues, noisy breathing, coughing, shortness of breath, etc. Today he had a severe attack and could not breath at all. I didn't think he would last long enough to get to the vet, he was dead weight when I put him in the car. Luckily I was at Todd's Mom's and just blocks from a vet. 


We got him there in time, he was stabilized, able to breath oxygen through a tube and given meds. Turns out he has some level of Laryngeal Paralysis ( and this will happen again, it was probably triggered by the pollen in the air. He is now breathing on his own (see pic) and as long as nothing triggers it he is fine...


Todd is returning from a work trip tonight. Since we don't want Mojo to suffer again when the LP is triggered we will put him down tomorrow.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your old friend. I know how hard that is as my doggie was 15 when I had to do the same. I'm feeling bad for you right now.

  2. Hard to lose your best friend of 14 years. We had to make the same decision last month with Reese, our 13 1/2 year old black lab. He had melanoma.

    Congrats on finishing strong despite a few hiccups.

    Happy racing!

  3. Krista, So sorry to hear about mojo. That was a really cool name to give a dog, that's what they are really, all dog's bring some sort of happiness to our lives. Hope your next xc race goes without flaw.


  4. Hey congratss on the race, another event well done!
    Sorry to hear about your buddy. Those of us who live an active lifestyle uncerstand more than others the whole 'quality of life' and just how we (and our pets) would want to live that life.