Thursday, August 5, 2010

Marathon World Championships Germany part 1

St. Wendal Germany! 

We found Sonya and had cocktails! I am living on the edge, I have not figured out how to buy decaf coffee or soda, so went with a full octane diet coke! Todd got a beer. No one used the ashtray (but they are everywhere just in case, so are cigarette machines).

We have been exploring. This area is really nice, very clean and well taken care of! The roads are narrow, but in awesome shape, so smooth and they wander through the country side forever. There are even smaller roads, ones that I would call a path, but cars somehow drive on them. Our race course includes a lot of these.

The raffle turned out amazing, thank you to everyone who participated!
Check the update and list of winners here: Raffle Winners. The Stan's NoTubes Wheelset went to one of the Santa Fe, NM Pedal Queens!

I took notes on the first few days of travel, airport, grocery store mix-ups, etc. I may not pack light, but sometimes packing things for no reason, like ten Durango City Market bags, comes in handy! The details and pictures are posted here: Krista's Travel Update

We hit the course again today, it takes forever to pre-ride a 107km course.

These people know how to mark a course!
The course markings are amazing, there is a lot of tape and arrows out there. One thing I am no longer worried about is getting lost.

Course Pics:

Checking out the options.

Don't hit the stumps!

Follow the red arrows, through housing areas, industrial areas, meadows, cart (I mean car) paths, barns...

Bike wash!

We found Ergon so I know Sonya is around here somewhere, I need to get on Facebook and find that girl...

Sonya's lobby.
The elevators only work if you have a hotel key card, after hiking up the wrong three flights of stairs I waited in the lobby for Todd to find Sonya. Like any good tourist I was carrying a camera, I must have unconsciously picked it up half a dozen times to check email or facebook, it always took a second to figure out what I was doing and that it wouldn't work. I am addicted to having a phone!
Our place for the week. Todd found us a great deal back in February. The thing was we had to cancel by July 5th or lose our deposit. I raced the qualifying race (Firecracker 50) July 4th and knew I had to finish 3rd or better, otherwise I would have to petition and wait for an answer as to whether I could go or not, then our deal would be gone. Luckily I got 3rd and we have our pad:

Our big car. We flew all the way to Germany to drive a ford station wagon!

Front entry

Front yard pond


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