Monday, February 28, 2011

Tucson Base Training

Wow, it has been a fast paced and fun off-season. Todd has been working hard and traveling so hasn't had much, or any, time to ride. Scott Morris became my winter training buddy and took me all over the Tucson trails.

Scott Morris

I am actually not sure where all I have ridden, but here are a few Topofusion files of some of our MTB rides:

"Round the Lemmon" 

There are some long dirt roads on this route.

Stats from Scott's blog, pretty cool write up about the day here:
"104 miles
7:32 total time
7:05 moving time
7,600′ climbing
If you check PBAA’s record page they keep track of times for riding the perimeter of the Santa Catalinas (Mt. Lemmon). "

I guess I should submit my time for the women's record, haha. The men’s time is just over 6 hours so Scott will have to go back out for that one.

The TMP Rock n Road Challenge loop.

(Thanks to Scott I have a bunch of pictures of where I rode this winter. It pays to ride with someone who likes cameras and rides, or gets ready to ride, faster than I do.)

The TMP Challenge is a "do whenever you want" race, save a GPS file and submit it for your official place in the results. Cool concept. New to me is the self supported race idea, no support allowed. You can stop at a coke machine or water fountain but can't stage food or water. If the coke machine doesn't work, too bad.  I carried extra CR333 powder and used the water fountain.

 Scott, Dejay and friends @ AZ Trail Jamboree Fundraiser ride
Chad Brown raised ~$5000 for the trail with this event/race/MTB ride!

 Another Trips for Kids ride.  
This Time Scott taught the kids to jump and I encouraged fast downhilling...

New 2011 gear is starting to trickle in!! Comparing my brand-new Cannondale/XX SRM to the PowerTap. The SRM rocks by the way!!!

Again from one of Scott's blog posts:
"how many CPUs can you fit onto one handlebar?
It was a pretty comical ride when she first set up her SRM power meter. GPS, radical lights super light, powertap, SRM, ipod attached to glasses, DROID attached to Osprey pack, I think she wins the award for most electronics on a bike ride. “Heart rate is picking up on this one and this one, but not this.” “Power is showing up on this screen, oh, but not this one.” “Now how do I reset this one?” ".

 Base miles are now over. Time to start riding fast!