Monday, March 17, 2014

2002 VW Eurovan Westy Weekender For Sale

See listing and details here:

2002 Eurovan Weekender   Price: $16000
2.8L V6. Auto transmission. Gas. No wrecks. 2" hitch. Only body damage is normal dents and scratches, can provide close up photos, mostly from leaning mountain bikes against the van. Interior is in great condition.

2013 Service:
Transmission Oil Change, Filter, Seal replacement 4-25-13
Heater Control Valve replacement 4-25-13
Oil and Filter change drain plug replacement 04-25-13 (217,842 mi)
New Michelin Tires through Discount Tire 4-23-13
Oil and Filter change 07-30-13 (222,525 mi)
New Air Compressor, Serpentine Belt and System Re-charge 07-30-13
New Auxiliary Deep Cycle Marine Battery installed 03-20-14

I am the original owner and have loved traveling in the Eurovan, following good weather across the USA while racing mountain bikes. It has not been driven or stored in salty/snowy areas. 231,000 miles, mostly highway as I do not commute for a "real" job, but travel from state to state for events. This has been an amazing van and the only reason I am selling it is that I am getting a bigger cargo van as a team race van.

New transmission was installed 05-02-08. It was checked over by the VW dealer in Albuquerque, NM last week, everything looks great. Originally VW claimed the transmission fluid was "good for life", that turned out not to be the case and people (including me) ended up having to get their transmissions rebuilt. Since then VW has changed the recommendation to ~40-50,000 miles, this seems to have solved the problem.

Reverse facing chairs have been stored since 2003 and I will get those shipped out when the van sells. Carpets and rear bench seat have been covered since the vehicle was new to preserve re-sale value.

Canvas on pop-top has holes at the rear due to my forgetting to tuck it in so subjecting a small portion to sun damage. I have a quote for new canvas installed, $1000. It wasn't worth it to me to get it fixed.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, still for sale, I will be listing it in the next few days and will add details here. Thank you for looking!
      My contact information: 678-491-0791

  2. Great, I will check back soon. I'm in Boulder, CO. Your area code is Georgia, is that where you and the Eurovan are? I don't mind traveling to purchase, but if you were closer, that would definitely help with my decision.

  3. Well that would work out well. I am in Durango now, next Vegas, then Tucson, but may be in Denver in 3-4 weeks. I found my replacement van in Denver, hoping to finalize the purchase this week, then getting a pop-top added so it won't be ready for a little while. But would be pretty nice to just swap vans instead of having to fly out... Feel free to give me a call if you want.