Monday, August 10, 2015

Krista & Anthony Pinkbike Videos, Riding/Racing and Race Van

Thanks to Big Mountain Enduro, Mike Day and Tory Powers for a short clip of us pre-riding and racing!

Click for Pinkbike Video

Thanks to Devon Balot for the pinkbike video of the van. #vanlife 

Click Here for Pinkbike Van Video

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2015 Big Mountain Enduro Race Photos and Videos BME#1 and BME#2

Summer! Anthony continues to overhaul and custom tune suspension between races and I have switched gears a bit from Devo, clinics and team management prep work to more traveling and racing.  We are also doing quite a few photo and video shoots this summer, great for documenting our riding and racing. It's been an extremely busy and fun year!

Big Mountain Enduro promo videoshoot


Click Here to Play: Krista, Diaz and Friends in Keystone BME#2 Promo Video 

Pictures of the videoshoot thanks to Nick Ontiveros:

BME #1 Aspen/Snowmass Race

Pictures thanks to Eddie Clark's BME#2 Mountain Flyer write-up

Devon Balet's Pictures

Krista, Race Run Jumps, Photo Credit: Devon Balet

Krista, Race Run Road Drop, Photo Credit: Devon Balet

Race Recap and Interview Video

Click Here
Click Here to Play BME#1 Recap Video

BME #2 Keystone Race

Practice and photoshoot for Keystone resort

Krista, photo credit Keystone Resort's Cody Mendoza
Pre-Race Videos

BME#2 30 second Keystone Teaser, Mike and Diaz pre-ride Keystone BME#2
Full length 2min Mike and Diaz pre-ride a Keystone BME#2 run
Mike Day's helmet cam (12,000 views on the Keystone facebook page!)
Race Videos
Click Here to Play, Keystone BME including wrecks 

Click Here to Play different ways of getting down, Diaz as "the Pro"

Pictures thanks to Eddie Clark and his BME#2 Mountain Flyer write-up

Devon Balet's Pictures Full BME#2 Pinkbike Write-up Here


Anthony Diaz/Stan's NoTubes as Pinkbike header:

Anthony Diaz Osprey Product Video:

Click Here to Play Diaz Describes the Osprey Zealot Pack