Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Switching to Enduro Racing

I Love Enduro!!!  If you haven't tried it you need to, so much fun.  

I'm planning to attend three series this year:

North American Enduro Tour (NEAT) http://naetmtb.com
Big Mountain Enduro Series (BME) http://www.bigmountainenduro.com/

Both the NEAT and BME series contain 2 days of racing, between 5-7 timed stages per weekend.

So far I have raced three enduro races, one from each series.

2nd this weekend at the BME #1 race New Mexico

photo in Velonews by Daniel Dunn

The Taos/Angel Fire race was held on great courses, this race was my favorite of all three series so far. However there were issues with bike transportation, getting folks to the start and with timing. 

Results took a while to be posted the second day and they were awarded based on points not time, so as an example, in the above photo, Jill (pictured in 5th) actually had a better overall time (all 5 stages combined) than Sarah (4th). Not sure how that is worked out. In the other two series lowest time wins which is pretty straight forward. That way it awards the best overall racer over all stages and it makes you choose more robust parts, you can't afford a mechanical.

There was good coverage of this race:

Before that was the Hood River, OR race

photo by Trent Hightower

NEAT #1 Hood River, OR. Received a ton of grief for the old-school full-face with the lost visor...

Enduro Cup #1 in Moab: 

Enduro Cup Race #1 Moab, UT

photo by Daniel Dunn

I wouldn't call it a true Enduro in that is was basically XC, with more down than up, but no tech. These guys had the best promoter performance of all three, timing was perfect, communication was great including emailed start lists. 

Now I have a focus, it's Enduro, I love it.  I love racing, I love "training":

Lots of firsts this year including shuttle runs and bike park riding.

I even did a little radio show with Macky about getting into Enduro: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mountain-bike-radio/2013/05/15/into-enduro--krista-park

One of the cool things has been that Todd is getting into it too, since it doesn't take hours of intervals a normal working guy with good skills can be competitive in his class. I am looking forward to racing together again. Or, more like against each other, Todd beat me in Oregon and I beat his time in New Mexico.

Todd finishing Hood River

Todd's Enduro bike, Cannondale Trigger 29er

It's almost all shuttle riding right now, but I'm still putting in a few XC rides, can't help it I have an awesome XC bike.

Durango Devo short track, photo by Sven Brunso

Cannondale Flash 29 small carbon

Earlier this year:

Showing off my Cannondale Jekyll to kids.

Chloe and I had an amazing day speaking to 600 high school students then to almost 200 8th graders about bikes

NICA coaches and ride leader training in Mesa, AZ

24 hours of Old Pueblo 4-person win with the Devo boys

4th in men's SS class at MBAA race 
Cycling News photo by Dave McElwaine

4th in SSAZ against the boys

Climbing up stuff I now go down, photo by Chad Brown

more AZ riding with friends

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