Monday, April 23, 2007

20th in NMBS #1 Phoenix, AZ

This was a very hot race on a fun course. The weather was perfect until 2 days before the race, then the temperature skyrocketed. The McDowell course is swoopy and flows well.
After the normal crazy start with 72 girls sprinting for single-track, we went entered ~5 wide, there was only room for 3, I almost went down twice but ended up in a good spot and hung onto a chase group for a little while. After the second lap Todd told me I was 24th, by the end of the third lap I had picked up 4 spots and was 2 seconds away from getting one more. I placed 20th out of 72. Good race.
Todd raced his first Expert race and placed mid-pack. So we both had a great day; hope we can keep it up. more NMBS#1 race info: Cycling News Story

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