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Able to wheelie-drop off curb?

Recent private sessions have included:

- Visiting Town. Three international travelers (two men and a woman of various skill levels) wanted to hit the ground running when they flew into town for their four-day trip. They hired a basic trail overview and route recommendations in addition to a daily 3-hour skills session on various trails.  Skills work in the morning and more riding on their own in the afternoon

Intro to drops. This is something we can keep urban and quick, or include a ride. One client was headed back to Moab where her goal was to ride the Whole Enchilada without walking anything, we achieved her goal. 

Small drops are important even if you never want to "go off drops", it is all about weighting and driving the bike while keeping the front wheel light, a skill used in many situations which could save you from getting hurt. 

-Cornering. An XC client was gaining time in races on climbs but losing time in flat corners. Turns out his bike set up was not inspiring confidence and was making cornering more difficult. We also worked on weighting the bars to corner, weighting the tires enough for traction and looking through the turn, common things we all need to practice.  As soon as all this was put together correctly it made a huge difference, he was smooth, flowy, and able to save energy to pedal elsewhere, instead of out of each corner.

Uphill Steep or Rocky Pitches. Many strong riders still have trouble getting up steep pitches that required proper body english (hips to bars), looking up, shifting weight, etc.

- Rocks. In Durango I like the Ridge, even just Black Dirt down has rocks to play on. Tucson and Sedona are great for rock work as well.

Ideally, we will have a specific focus for a private lesson. From the above examples I'd say drops and cornering first, uphill techy climbing next, then apply all that in rocky terrain.  But we should focus on what is the most appealing to you. 

Contact for Private Lessons:

Custom Skill Clinics
Clinics are designed around attendee(s) and all clinics are custom to the event or individuals. I travel to the client/event as well as providing destination clinics in Durango, CO, Tucson, AZ and Sedona, AZ.

All requests can be built into custom packages depending on needs; hotel, transportation, rental bike, etc.

Clinic vary by skill focus and terrain but typical topics are:
- Cornering
- Bike body separation
- Driving from the feet
- Loading and unloading suspension
- Pumping
- Sighting
- Choosing lines 
- Unweighting to float over rocks
- Loading and unloading to pop from one corner to another or to change directions in the air
- Maintaining momentum
- Flow
- Speed
- Switchbacks
- Drops
- Braking

Maintenance Clinics
As someone who builds and maintains her own bikes, I love teaching others how to do the same. Granted not everyone has the time or desire to work on their own bike. In this case it is great to know the basics and be able to perform small adjustments and trail-side repairs.

Topics include:

- Tire Choices: 
What tire tread pattern? What ply sidewall? What durometer?  Is this important? Why do I care? Sideknobs vs. Centerknobs vs. Intermediate knobs. Square or Round Profiles?

- New Bike Choices:
How much travel? Which one pedals more efficiently? What is DW-link, Split Pivot, VPP, etc.?

- Suspension:
Which brand/model/features? How to set-up and adjust. What is Sag, Rebound, Compression Damping? What is custom valving and what will a custom tune do for me?

- Tubeless:
Benefits. How to convert. When to buy a new rim. Tape? Rimstrip? Center Channel Depth. Width. Beadhook.

- Maintenance:
What to keep an eye on. (brake pads/rotors, cables/housing, drive-train, suspension, tires, rims/hubs/spokes, bushing, bearings, etc.)
When do these items need tuning, adjustment, preventative maintenance and/or replacement? 

- Bike Setup and how it relates to stability and cornering:
Short stem/wide bars? How short? How wide? Why? Longer fork? Lower BB? 

- General Product Q&A

- Bleeding and Adjusting Brakes

- Replacing Cables and Housing, Adjusting Shifting and Sizing a Chain

Reviews, Pricing and Photos

Review from an attendee at Outerbike 2014

"I had not planned on attending a clinic, as I have been riding for over ten years and racing cross-country for some of those years.  However, by the time I had completed the clinic with Krista and Anthony at Outer Bike, I felt like I had taken my riding to a new level.  

Even though I consider myself a proficient technical rider, they were able to provide me with some instruction and knowledge concerning body mechanics that enabled me to ride over obstacles smoother and faster.  Krista and Anthony have the keen ability to break down the mechanics of riding, so the skills that we practiced became second nature.  

I found that my confidence and ability grew, as they were able to provide constructive feedback.  

I was inspired by their clinic to sign up for others offered at the same event, but quickly discovered, all clinics are not created equal!  Just because someone is a good rider, does not mean that they can explain it well to others.  

Anthony and Krista, not only possess great biking ability, but also the aptitude to dissect a rider’s ability and to explain things in a way that are intuitive and understandable.  I am confident that riders of all levels would greatly benefit from taking one of their clinics."

Previous Feedback, from beginner to advanced riders

Krista made me feel comfortable, I wasn't intimidated by her, even though she's a pro rider, and her clinic made gave me confidence to try obstacles I previously wouldn't have tried.
Krista is a down-to-earth teacher who knows how to introduce real-world MTB concepts in a controlled,safe, and fun environment.
Krista's offers tons helpful information and skills that you can take right onto the trail, all delivered in a friendly, easy atmosphere.
Before the clinic, the idea of riding a mountain bike was absolutely daunting!  Krista's vast knowledge and hands-on approach to teaching newbies and experienced riders alike, gave me the confidence to attempt my first ride in the hills of Northern California, alongside none other than Krista herself!  Clear explanations, visual demonstration and then supervised group critiques made the entire process fun and approachable.  Getting to ride and test out new-found skills was simply icing on the cake.  Thanks, Krista!
I have been mountain biking on and off for 20 years and wonder why I can never make "that one switchback"" or why I always wreck on "that one section".  Taking your clinic was an eye opener for me and I can't wait to practice the skills and tips that you taught!

Krista, I seriously loved that mini clinic you did for us.  That was the coolest part of the trip for me.  I realized I suck at my skills.  I never really knew what I was doing, just riding along, wrecking, etc...  There is a section of trail called "the spine" that I always wreck on that I have been too timid to try lately and I want to try again and a switchback that I've only made once that I want to be able to ride and I am excited to try and think about your advice.


Krista was able to show our group easy ways to learn mountain bike skills that really made sense when she as showing us as well as when we were riding off road on our own. I will use her drills from our clinic for years to come!

Travel Expenses:

Travel costs will only apply if we are not already in the area


Helmet and gloves are required, pads are highly recommended.

Please plan on bringing water/drink/snacks for three hours. 

Clinics vary depending on what the customer is looking for. Clinics usually cover basics such as suspension setup, proper bike-fit and skills required for all levels of riding. Body positioning, bike/body separation, cornering, wheel lifts, wheelie drop, etc. More advanced clinics include drops and technical riding.

Understand your Bike Clinic Details

Cornering and "popping" on the bike isn't easy if your suspension isn't dialed, cornering aggressively is easier when you have side knobs and push the bike far enough to engage the knobs, etc.

Previous Group and One-on-One Skills Sessions

"Rocks" Sunday April 26th  -Full-

noon Horse Gulch Trailhead

Rocks, pumping, floating: Up to Blackdirt, Ridge, Snakecharmer.

"Cornering"  April 18th or April 19th -Both Dates Full-

Drills in the park, break for food, ride to trail.

Cornering, loading, driving: Test Tracks

2015 Schedule: 

March 2nd, 5th, 7th and 8th Wilderness First Aid Training 
March 9th CPR Training
March 11th Durango Wheel Club Social
March 12th-30th Sedona MTB Training
March 21st Arizona Endurance Series Race
March 31st Durango Devo Skills Training

April - Durango, CO
April Mondays Lost Dog Maintenance Clinics
April Tuesdays Coaching Flyers (Durango Devo DH Program)
April 2nd Durango Devo Coaches Skill Training
April 9-12th Durango Devo Secret Camp 
April 18th-19th Durango Clinics**
April 22nd U14 Devo Girls Enduro Training
April 24th -26th Durango Clincis**
April 29th U14 Devo Girls Enduro Training
**Durango Co-ed adult skills clinic series, contact for details

May Tuesdays Coaching Flyers (Durango Devo DH Program)
May Thursdays Coaching EnDevo (New Durango Devo Enduro Program)
May 2nd-3rd Sedona, AZ Women's Clinic 
May 9th 12 Hours of Mesa Verde Race ?
May 13th U14 Devo Girls Enduro Training
May 14th Animas Highschool Osprey Week advanced ride
May 15th-16th Outside Magazine Bike and Brew Festival, providing all-mountain/enduro style clinics 
May 17th NMEC#2 Enduro Race
May 27th Osprey Employee Skills Clinic

June 4th Coaching EnDevo (Durango Devo Enduro Program)
June  6th-7th EnDevo Enduro Race Angel Fire Trip/Enduro NMEC#3 Race
June  27th-28th Big Mountain Enduro #1 Snowmass Race 

Outerbike Clinic 2014

Past Millie Clinic 2014:


Tucson, AZ La Milagrosa Skills Clinic

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