Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Race Schedule & Dreaming About Racing

I've started thinking about which races to do, where we want to travel this year and trying to find the money to make it all work. I am getting excited about the year.

Maybe I've been thinking about it too much. You know the dreams you have where you can't run, or you run in slow motion and it takes every bit of effort you have? I had a dream last night that we started a race, hit this long singletrack climb, my front shifter pod bolt broke, this slow motion thing set in and I was dropped. Then two of us kept getting lost due to horrible course markings on a race course that not only went through a large venue of small shops, but actually went through the shops and restaurants which were full of people who didn't know there was a race going on. After the millionth wrong turn I remember going down one of the gift shop hallways and dead-ending at the bathrooms. To top it all off I forgot to remove my winter jacket and was carrying a hydration pack and two-way radio, all of which I had meant to take off before the race. Anyone care to analyze this?

2010 Tentative Race Schedule
02/06/2010           SingleSpeedUSA Tucson, AZ
02/13/2010           24 hours at the Old Pueblo Tucson, AZ

                                  (5-person co-ed, The Hippie Ninja's of Stan's World)
03/13-14/2010      Triple Crown #1 Bonelli Park, CA
03/27-28/2010      Pro XCT #1 UCI Class1 Fontana, CA
04/15-18/2010      Pro XCT #2 Sea Otter Classic UCI Class 1 Monterey, CA
05/16/2010           Canada UCI Class 1
05/22-23/2010      Canada UCI Class 1 Mont Tremblant
05/30/2010           Canada UCI Class 1
07/04/2010           Marathon USA National Championship UCI CN  

                                   Breckenridge, CO
07/16-18/2010       XC, ST and Super-D USA National Championship UCI CN

                                   Sol Vista, CO
08/08/2010           Marathon UCI World Championship UCI CM Germany
08/28-29/2010       XC World Cup UCI Windham, NY

I have not listed any of the small local (training) races.


  1. Excellent excellent!!!! Your schedule looks exciting, challenging and FUN!!

  2. The only reasonable analysis is that you're going to have a phenomenal season. :)

  3. Glad I am not the only one to have those kinds of dreams. I had several of those around the holidays when I was sick and worried about my fitness level ... which seemed to be plummeting.

    I like your schedule, lots of UCI's and a trip across the Atlantic. Sweet!

  4. Dreaming about racing= good season

    Best of luck, we'll be following you on the blog!

    PS I was surprised not to see the Coconino 350 miler on the list ;)

  5. Krista, you will love the Canada Cups. I've done a few over the last two years! Bring your mud and cold weather gear! Good thing your working on your tan now!

  6. Hi Kyia! You don't make it sound that nice. :) I'll look you up for some tips when the Canada races get closer.