Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I love to travel. Bonelli, Tucson, Fontana, Tucson, Sea Otter, South Africa...

The last post was about our three week/five race trip in Cyprus, one day back in Tucson, AZ to unpack and repack before heading to the ProXCT #1 race in Bonelli, CA. 

After the race we had dinner which included a margarita for me. New rule, I get a margarita for every ProXCT podium. This also means I don't have to drive. :)  Todd (drink free) was only able to drive one hour before popping the VW top for a "nap", we woke up at 9:00am the next morning...

Upon return from Bonelli I had some bike building to do!
SRAM parts!

 2011 Flash and Scalpel

Crazy weather, had to set up shop indoors.

Headed out for a test ride.

March 26th and 27th:
Todd and I loaded the van up for another trip to CA, this time for ProXCT #2 Fontana, CA. My good race streak had worn thin, but it was great to see everyone. New bikes were not quite ready.

Hotel food
 Window shopping
CyclingNews photo #1 XC race, good start
CyclingNews photo #2
XC After the start lap, still doing well in 3rd but then died off big time, I was just too tired.

After the short track we climbed back up the super steep climb for the SuperD race, those of us who decided to do Super D froze at the top in the wind while waiting on the start. My hands were so cold and I was shaking so badly I could hardly hold the bars for the first half of the race. The SuperD course was a lot of fun, it was completely different than ever before, an actual SuperD course, very cool.
 CyclingNews photo #3. Sunday short track, trying again.
 CyclingNews Photo #4
Again after a good start I dropped off with fried legs, then didn't even finish the race due to a mechanical that was half real and half in my head. I could have finished with the mechanical but didn't realize it.  Chloe (#5 BMC) won the race!

Headed home.
My view from the comfy sleeping bag. Todd driving and our dog Jake on the floor.

 Todd staying awake, so nice of him to drive again.

Once we got back to Tucson Todd headed off for work and I was slammed trying to get bikes dialed with correct 2011 parts, ebaying 2010 stuff and getting the RV ready for the move to New Mexico. Tucson was starting to heat up. Of course moving means no more calling Scott for ride ideas, unless we cross paths is CO again this summer.

Scott, always ready to ride.

 Riding up high, to avoid the heat.

 Scott, "what do you mean you are going home?"

See you in the fall Tucson!

April 11th
It takes a lot of work to pack up after staying in one place for so long, but I did it. I did take a few days to drive to Santa Fe though. I had normal days, breakfast, emails, travel planning, ride, ebay, drive a few hours... Luckily I found a Fed Ex center along the route and the post office across the street, I am a "super fast shipper"!

April 13th
Pulled into Santa Fe, NM after dark and set up the RV.
April 14th
 Back to the airport. All repacked and ready for another trip, this time: Sea Otter, South Africa, Texas.

Sea Otter

Crashing with friends. They left sticky notes telling me where to leave bags and showing me my room!
Sea Otter is about everything other than racing, the Pro XC race course is horrible, no one would attend if it wasn't for the Expo. I wrecked in both starts and bent my rear derailleur both times. In the XC, due to poor course design, pack riding and pack leaders not knowing about a last minute course change (against UCI rules) there was a wreck I could not avoid and ended up being thrown into a cement barrier. The Expo however was awesome!

The SRAM Ladies Lounge was a hit.

Three days in a row SRAM set up for all women to attend mini-tech clinics and Q&As with the pros, they also held raffles and provided food.

Sea Otter is all about visiting friends, sponsors and finding cool products. See red anodized NoTubes rims and Radical Lights here: Project 321.

We had a great weekend then were back on a plane, this time San Jose to South Africa via JFK.

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