Thursday, August 14, 2014

2014 Enduro Race Team

After having a blast racing only enduro races last year I decided to build a team for 2015. The process began by joining forces with Anthony Diaz and his frame sponsor Turner Suspension Bicycles. Anthony had me ride one of his bikes last Fall and I was immediately a better, faster rider. It is impressive what a slacker headtube angle, pedal efficiency of the DW Link and a lower bottom bracket can do.

Moving out of the 40' Itasca Horizon motorhome (which is now for sale) took all winter, it's amazing how much property you can store in that "house". The VW Eurovan sold and I purchased a new/used van. 

It was a great process. Thanks to Jeff Hemperley I contacted Tim at who found a used Chevy Express AWD cargo van with shelving. Tim drove the vehicle to Derek at where they cut the roof off, installed a huge powered pop-top (with fantastic fan, LED lights, bed, roof rack) and insulated the entire van.  Derek took the van to where they did the artwork and wrap. 

I couldn't be happier! A 4-bike Raxter rack, ARB fridge, 150mAh of Optimum Blue Top batteries, inverter, shelving, curtains and additional LED lighting completed the package. I'll upload a video of the interior soon.

Not everything has gone according to plan however...

Right as the race season was set to begin I broke my clavicle on a non-technical section of trail, going really fast and cutting too close to a trunk of a bush. In my defense the bush had been trimmed so much that the trunk was at the very outside edge where I expected flexible branches...  Nevertheless I had surgery and expected a quick recovery.  The gap between the bones is still there, even though bone graft material was used in the surgery.  I sat out for a bit and watched Diaz use all the new gear.

photo credit: Dan Holz

    photo credit: Dan Holz

Once I was cleared by the doctor I did ride easy on occasion and even tried on my new custom-painted full-face just because I wanted to.

photo credit: Dan Holz

        photo credit: Dan Holz

photo credit: Dan Holz

Enjoying the van and Ska beer.   photo credit: Dan Holz

We would love a beer sponsor if anyone knows of one that need some advertising the the Rocky Mountain region...

Before the Durango Enduro Diaz received some great coverage on the front page of the local Durango newspaper.  Both for the Big Mountain Enduro race series and for his own company Diaz Suspension Design.  Diaz finished the Durango BME in 4th and I placed 3rd, trying to ride within the parameters set by my surgeon.

In 2013 Anthony opened his Durango, CO based buisness, Diaz Suspension Design, offering fork and shock rebuilds as well as custom tuning and re-valving.

In addition to racing, we are holding more skills coaching sessions and continue to volunteer with junior programs.

photo credit: Dan Holz

Off to ride/race our bikes!  photo credit: Dan Holz