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Product Review 2014 Part 5 of 5, SRM, CarboRocket, Raxter Bike Rack, G-Form Pads, Oakley Eyewear, ProGold Products, Game Ready, Chamois Butt'r, Primal Wear, Custom Helmet Art, Jagwire, FRS.

This is my final post reviewing product we were lucky enough to have used in 2014. 

I am now working on our 2015 clinic schedule, please contact me if you are interested in adding your location to our travel schedule. 

Reviews con't

SRM Power Meter: The best power meter on the market, it's the most accurate and still the gold standard for all power meters.  

The SRM assembly is sealed against rain, sand, mud, and cleaning, doesn't drift with temperature fluctuations, and the auto offset really works.

You do lose the ability to quickly change the chainring on the trail since you have to pull the crank to change the chainring.  It's a super-quick job, but you need to have a larger allen wrench than I typically carry on the trail.

Pictured below the SRM is the normal XX1 spider and chainring. SRM utilizes a 110 BCD so the the XX1 chainring will not fit. A Wolftooth or Race Face wide-narrow chainring is used instead and a 30tooth ring is the smallest that will fit on the SRM spider.

On the Bike Nutrition

Regular CarboRocket Energy/Electrolyte Drink: I use this for shorter rides/races, or rides with breaks; social all-mountain style or all-out races under 1.5-2 hours.


More sodium - 300+ mg of sodium per serving

2:1 ratio of Maltodextrin to Fructose - Research proven to let you digest 50% more carbs

Mixes instantly - Even in cold water! Easiest mixing drink available

Full spectrum of electrolytes - Sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium

All Natural - Vegan - Gluten free, the only drink that still goes down smooth after 12 hours of racing in the sun 

Great info on their website:

CR 333: I switch to 333 for long base rides or rides where you are on the gas for hours, endurance rides and races.

333 - Half Evil All-In-One Endurance Drink
Diaz says it best, "it's just magic".  It's actually a very scientific combination of everything you need to ride without having to eat gels or solid foods.

The all-in-one, mild tasting on-the-bike drink. Start with ~2 scoops per bottle, 222 calories and adjust up to 333 an hour depending on intensity and how many calories you can digest per hour.

Favorite flavors = Grape (no caffeine) and Raspberry (50g caffiene per 333 calories)
4.5g BCAA per 333 calories
1.6g Electrolytes per 333 calories

Rehab Recovery: After any workout.

Rehab - Post Workout Recovery Drink

Favorite flavor = Chocolate Coconut
15g Protein Isolate
40g Glucose
5g Glutamine
4g BCAAs

New Electrolyte RocketLytes: This is great when hanging out in the sun, for hangovers, or any time I need electrolytes without additional calories.

"Ginger and peppermint powered electrolytes!

Ask any endurance athlete what their biggest fear is and most will answer the same muscle cramps and stomach problems on race day. It’s the endurance athlete’s paradox; you need calories and liquids for optimal performance but that same fuel and liquid plus intense physical activity (especially in the heat) has the potential to wreak havoc on your body and ruin your day. Crush your fear and crush your race with RocketLytes unique formulation of cramp killing electrolytes and stomach soothing peppermint and ginger.
Suggested usage: Take 2 capsules every 30-60 minutes of exercise or anytime you need to replenish your electrolyte levels or calm your stomach.

Raxter website

Raxter Bike Racks: Simply the best I've used, especially for shuttling. No having to slide trays forward or back. Place the bike so it doesn't interfere with the one next to it and the arms pivot to wherever that is. Straps hold the wheels and you are done. 

If it works for DH bike + Diaz drifting turns in the jeep it'll work for everyone.

See van picture above to see the step-up design, This avoids dragging the bike rack when going through a dip. Smart. The 4-bike rack is actually a 2-bike rack with a 2-bike add-on, making it easy to change up. 

I used my first Raxter rack for 7 years and it still works great.  It's been backed into a couple things and been hit, but I'd just bend it back and it was good to go. See 2009 review here: http://kristapark.blogspot.com/2009/05/reviews-bike-rack-brakes-grips.html


G-form Protection: Knee, Elbow, Shin, and more

All of their pads are lightweight, comfortable, easy to carry and high-tech.  The knee, elbow and shin pads are as easy to carry, as breathable as arm or knee warmers and they feel the same while riding. 


Oakley Eyewear: I am always super excited to be able to wear Oakley products


AIRBRAKE MX goggles (pictured left)

Radar Path for XC and road riding

Women's Feedback for everyday (pictured (right)

Overload Gloves (yellow and black below)

Lube, Degreaser, Grease & more

ProGold Bike Lube, Grease, Wash, Degreaser, Towels and Gun Lube:  I am often asked if I actually use and like the ProGold product, or do I have the product because I know Bruce, the sales rep.

I really like the Extreme lube; especially the sample size because it's easy to carry in a pack for long days of creek crossings, or to share with other folks whose chain lube wears too quickly.  It's also easy to clean. I love the ProGold degreaser, my cassette and chain always look brand new.

The Pro Towels are another favorite, I have a tub on the workbench, on my desk and in the van.  They also come in single wrapped, great for sharing or for travel.

I use the EPX grease on just about everything during bike assembly and gun lube on the guns.

GameReady Recovery System: Best training and injury ice/compression unit on the market. Temperature and compression are independently adjustable.

I own the left and right shoulder sleeve as well as two knee sleeves.  They make sleeves for almost all body parts.  The GameReady is officially designated as medical equipment, so not cheap.  If your insurance covers a rental, take advantage of it.

Diaz all wrapped up after a cross race. Utilizing 2 knee wraps and the Y (splitter) hose.

Chamois protection

Chamois Butt'r Chafe Protection: New favorite product, Her'. 

Super smooth, can be used on your hands, face, anywhere you use lotion. Chamois Butt'r stands up when used as it's designed, as a chamois lubricant and cleans easily.

Her' is PH balanced for women.

Other products:

Jerseys, Jackets & more

Primal Wear Custom Riding Gear: Primal has been supplying my jerseys and kits for some time.

Primal has a great selection of short sleeve, long sleeve, DH, wind jackets, wind vests, thick jackets and, new for 2015, an all-mountain jersey.

Edgar Bustillos - Custom Art

Custom Painted Helmets: Diaz had the great idea to ask Edgar to custom paint our helmets. They turned out great!

Edgar with Helmets Before

 Edgar's Design for Diaz's Helmet

 After. Diaz's mohawk skull on the right

 mine w/ flower and ponytail girl scull

Cables, Housings, Brake Pads & Tools

Jagwire Cables, Housings and Tools: Jagwire is known for amazing housing color options 

In addition to shift and hydraulic brake housings, they carry:

Small parts: Various End Caps and Cable Tips, Inline Adjusters, Rotating Hooks & Bridges, C-Clips, Stick-On Guides, and Frame Protection

FRS Energy + Endurance

FRS Healthy Energy Drink:  

"All-natural antioxidant found in foods such as blueberries and apples. With over 10,000 scientific studies on the benefits of quercetin, scientists believe it works at the cellular level with your body to produce and sustain your own natural energy. Quercetin mimics the effects of exercise by enhancing the production of mitochondria, the energy-producing units in our cells."

Green Tea Extract
"Also an all-natural antioxidant. Unlike black or oolong tea, green tea is not fermented and is instead typically created by steaming fresh leaves at high temperatures. Because of this process, the antioxidant properties remain intact and health benefits are maximized. Each serving of FRS contains 20 – 85mg of green tea extract."

B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C and E

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