Monday, June 11, 2007

Local Park City, UT Race

Still in Park City, UT. It has been fun training here, I have been able to watch my sister Erika's last three races. She placed 1st Expert each time, in a class of 8-13 racers, obviously having a great 1st Expert year.
Todd and I raced the local race this weekend. They start each class ~1minute apart, Pro Men followed by Expert age groups, Pro Women, Sport Men age groups, Sport Women, Beginner Men age group, Beginner Women. So everyone is out there together. A lot of the sport guys hammer the first lap passing Pro women then fade and we pass them back. The course we raced was not a passing course which made things interesting... It has also been a while since I have had to feed myself, it worked out well, I didn't drop any bottles.
On the last lap I had a crazy wreck where I hit a rock with my pedal, my left foot came out of the pedal, I stuck it in my rear spokes, the rear wheel locked up (at 15mph) I skidded down the trail thinking that my foot was about to break, then finally fell over in slow motion when I didn't have any speed left. I lay on the ground with my bike on top, my foot still stuck, (threaded over the left chain stay, through the bladed spokes, then out under the right chain stay so the wheel wouldn't go forward or backward), my legs were cramped up by having them in such weird positions and I was sure I was about to get run over by a Sport guy. Eventually I was able to untangle my foot and get back on the bike, a little while later both inside quads (adductors?) cramped and I still had the last climb to do. So, don't put your foot through your rear spokes... Erika placed 1st/13 in Women's Expert (by 5 minutes), Todd 3rd/11 (1 second behind 2nd) 40+ Expert, I got 4th/11 in Pro Women.

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