Monday, June 18, 2007

21st NMBS #4 Deer Valley, UT

21st out of ~60 in Saturday's XC. The picture is from Short Track on Sunday, 27th (good for a back row start). Todd placed 5th in Men's Expert 40-44 XC.
My sister Erika crashed out hard, stitches in hip and lots of cuts and bruises. She would have placed 3rd, or better, in Women's Expert 30-39 XC. She has been passing out and thowing up on and off for the last 24 hours.
Thomas Turner had a good weekend. 25th of 87 in Saturday's XC. He crashed in the short track (in the exact spot in my picture above). After getting up to 9th place for a bit (and the wreck) he ended up in 14th of 54. After a visit to the medical tent he headed to the popular Urgent Care to get stitches in his forearm. I am headed to Durango, CO in the morning.

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