Sunday, January 25, 2009

Can you be seen?

Here is another cool product I ran across at Interbike: I took a sample of the Lightweights for Clothing to put on our helmets, shoes and jerseys to become more visible in low light conditions (we use 200-600L lights, but even that doesn't seem to work for cross traffic like driveways, side streets, intersections, etc). I also stuck some on the bike cover that was covering all the bikes on the rear of the van when I realized other cars could not tell how far the bikes stuck out behind the van at night. I didn't iron the cloth stickers on, so expected them to start peeling off, but after 2 cross country trips and way too much rain, they look as good as new. I like the roll of tape and am now I am finding all kinds of uses. Plus they have different colors (so you can see them or hide them in daylight). I think I need to try the red tape. Check out this video clip of Lightweights for Wheels. Lightweights are not one of my sponsors but have offered a 10% discount code for anyone who enters Krista Park in the coupon code box. Check them out.

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