Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cycling In and Around Santa Fe, NM

Great Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM rides this week
If you visit Santa Fe, NM these are the ride websites I have found useful:
NMORS New Mexico Off-Road Series
NMES New Mexico Endurance Series
NMCycling New Mexico Cycling 
SFRoadRiders Santa Fe Road Riders
Dale Ball Trail Map signs are posted at every intersection, you cannot get lost on the North and Central sections, South is a little more vague (and steeper).

Through these sites and knowing MTB group rides start ~5:30pm (Dale Ball parking lot at Hyde Park Road/ski hill road) I found a lot to do this week

Tuesday I joined the Los Nativos for a Dale Ball MTB ride

Cars provide shelter from the wind

Wednesday I explored the Albuquerque Foothills MTB Trails for the first time then attended the Ride of Silence

~100 riders attended and Channel 7 covered the ride on the 10o'clock news.
Leaders, police escort in front

 An over the shoulder shot of part of the group

 Two of the bike police escorts

Thursday Tim and Matt from BTI took me on a hammer ride which included the Windsor Trail

 Chamisa, Windsor, Bear Wallow, Borrego, Windsor, Jaun 
(but they call Jaun Sidewinder?) I am still lost on Windsor west of Chamisa

 Matt and Tim. Back to the cars before dark, nice after work ride.

Saturday I did Cochiti 45 which was Loop 1 of the Cochiti 100 
3 people did the entire 100mi, 9 did 85mi, most of us did the 45mi. Results here.

Cochiti course, we parked down by the water at Dixon's Apple Farm (middle right). Picture stolen from the NMES website, see more pictures of the course here.

Sunday was the Galisteo road race put on by the New Mexico Spokettes Racing Team.  I raced the W1/2/3 50-mile race, there were ~ 10 of us. Because of the wind and flat roads no break got away, the race ended with a group sprint finish, I placed 3rd.

 I love checks!  Thanks!
(pictures stolen from the http://www.nmcycling.org/ site)

Todd arrived at the race (just returning from work trip to Alabama) just minutes after our finish. So cool to see him, then we both attended the Pedal Queens Pot Luck. Since we hadn't planned to attend, my pot luck items included food I had in the van, a bottle of FRS concentate (which people always like), a pineapple and $10 for the beer fund. So we were not the best guests, but had a great afternoon. Thanks Pedal Queens and the Pedal Queen's guys!

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