Monday, May 3, 2010

New kit (again)

Ordering custom kits for one is always a trick. Most companies have high minimums and high prices.  I started at the other end...  The first company I started with is new to the Lycra world, turns out that wasn't going to work. Company number two was great to work with, but when I got the samples it was obvious shorts were going to be an issue and the kits were not that high tech. Well, I guess you get what you pay for.  
I am now working with Primal and am really impressed; they really have the custom design/ordering system down and their communication and attention to detail is amazing.  If you have a team or club that wants custom kits, check them out. Tell them I sent you and maybe I'll get a better deal next year! First off I was sent all kinds of samples, I asked for women's race cut smalls and ended up getting the full range of sizes in race and sport cut as well as a return postage label.  Turns out I really liked the XS long sleeve women's sport cut and the men's shorts; glad they sent me more than I asked for.  The women's race cut jerseys are awesome and I ended up ordering the men's short with women's chamois since I like the ~9.5" inseam. 
Last weekend:

I held a beginner skills clinic in Santa Fe, NM for the Pedal Queens. FRS supplied a concentrate bottle for each person!  Power Bar sent goodies as well. We had a good time despite the cool weather.

This weekend: 
I had planned to race the La Tierra Torture race since it was 15 minutes from where I am staying. I did my warmup in 32 degree weather then said never mind...

 Maybe I won't race.


  1. hey krista. great to meet at sea otter. we'll make that kit thing easier next season.

  2. Nice looking dud's Krista!
    I am now back in Prince Williaam Sound Alaska and although its a little more than 32 degrees my riding tiime has decreased considerably! Praying for sunshine here...