Thursday, April 29, 2010

My last post was from Hollywood, after that we hit the road.
This was our view from the campground in San Dimas, CA.

We headed up the coast to Monterey, CA for Sea Otter and hung out there for a couple weeks checking out rides and restaurants in San Juan Bautista and Gillroy. Sea Otter was fun, it was similar to Interbike as far as visiting sponsors and looking at booths.

Venue and Men's XC start

We had a great time and it was cool to see so many friends that we only get to see once a year. Add to that photoshoots, video bits, poison oak and racing, it was a crazy busy weekend. I didn't race short track and my XC performance was the worst ever, I just had no legs, zero, nothing. So, on to New Mexico. Well, I headed to NM and Todd left for work in Alabama.

I had scoped out some trails in Kingman, AZ. Luckily they have enough parking for the Motorhome at the trailhead. Perfect stop, great ride.

Kingman, AZ trails

The weather changed as I hit Flagstaff.

I-40 west of Flag

40-miles west of Gallup I ran into a blizzard and had to pull over. I stayed the night in a big dirt pull-out I found and when I woke up the snow had melted and I realized I was in an area the Navajos use to sell their wares and breakfast. 

This was not there when I went to sleep last night...

Navajo Burger (11")

I pulled in to Santa Fe in time to unhitch the truck, pull the "house" into it's parking space, load up the bike and head to the Dale Ball trails. As soon as I started riding it began snowing, I think I brought this storm from Flagstaff. I met up with some other riders and we had a 1 hour epic ride. At first mud stuck to the tires doubling my bike weight and building up so that I had to carry the bike. When we hit the rocks and scraped off the mud, the snow began sticking and we rode in the snow.

New friends

This is why I say I spend the summer in Arizona (November through February is my summer), this is winter...

The snow has melted and I am getting in some longer rides.
I think I have anything I may want...

Wandering around on the La Tierra trails I found a baby pump track! 

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