Sunday, May 18, 2008

NMBS#3 11th in XC! 15th in ST.

NMBS#3 in Los Olivos, CA. HOT! 103 degrees at the finish of our XC race on Saturday. A heat wave hit this weekend, my last few weeks of riding in CA have been in 55 to 70 degree weather. I had a great race though. My bike stayed together the entire time, my legs felt good, and I didn't put a foot down once in the XC race - what an accomplishment.
Picture: ST first lap, from right to left (I think): Heather, Me, unknown, Amanda.
ST Finish: Heather 7th, Zeph 13th, Amanda 14th, Me 15th.


  1. Super job - fab - congrats girl. I knew you had that in you.

  2. Way to go! You WILL crack the top 10 yet!

  3. Awesome job Krista!!!

    I feel bad that I was complaining about it being hot at Tsali now (it was in the high 70's). I can't even imagine racing in 100 degree weather. I would have passed out before the race even started :-)