Monday, June 16, 2008


I have picked the Fireline for almost every race this year, I really enjoy racing it, but Todd thinks I am happier when I ride the Racer-X. I don't know what it is, it just feels good, part of it is the Manitou suspension - no bob, soaks up the bumps.
Sometimes I just smile and ride. Maybe I should name it; since I named our Cat "Kitty" and my snake "Mr. Snake" I guess "Racer-X" is as good a name as any.
Wednesday Todd and I raced a local race, he got a 30 second head start on his SS, racing in Men's Expert. I thought I could catch him, but it never happened. I raced pretty much the same group as at the Intermountain Cup race, it is cool racing my sister (until she beats me anyway). I came in 1st with KC Holley on a SS in 2nd. Erika won a sprint finish at the end for 4th and was just seconds out of 3rd which made for an exciting race.

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