Saturday, July 5, 2008

just riding (UT, CO, NM)

This was a fun week; short fun rides/getting rid of my cough rides.
Tuesday: night ride in Moab, UT (Sovereign trail from the RV park)
Wednesday: Durango, CO trails across from Wal-Mart up to telegraph
Thursday: Dale Ball trails in Santa Fe, NM (1/2 daylight, 1/2 night ride)
Friday: partial Santa Fe ski hill road ride
Saturday: social ride, singletrack and dirt road up to 12040feet (top of Santa Fe ski hill "the towers") and back down. 3.5 hours ride time, 5.5 hours total time.
There was a New Mexico Endurance Series race called the Santa Fe Big Loop 70-something miles, 14000 feet of climbing and a "non-official" Small Loop ride, 25 miles, 5400feet of climbing (basically the big climb up to the towers and back down).
The Small Loop ride started when and where the Big Loop racers were coming through (~2.5 hours into their race) which was pretty cool. Todd and I had fun riding with two small loop guys, David and Lawrence; we passed Big Loop sag stops and rode with some of the racers.

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