Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Race Weather Trend

Sea Otter forecast: I am happy to say it looks like the rain is staying away again this year! I rode in the high 40s a couple days ago, 50s yesterday and look at the forecast for this weekend, crazy. I have all my winter gear out but am preparing to race in 80 degree weather (and we haven't moved). This is how it went for most of the races last year and the same thing seems to be happening this year.
Our idea of following 72 degrees around isn't working quite right, for some reason it is either in the 50s or 80s.
Luckily it looks like the wind speeds will be returning to normal now. The wind the last two days was pretty bad, the road to Sea Otter was even closed due to a huge downed tree that landed on a car. News article. We visited the venue yesterday, the wind was brutal so the vendors really couldn't do much more than drop off their trailers, some were trying to set up and it wasn't going well. But it looks like good weather for the next few days.

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