Sunday, October 18, 2009

One week left in Santa Fe

We have five days left in Santa Fe, NM before heading to Tucson, AZ for the winter. This last week has been great for riding with temps in the low 70s. The best part of riding in Santa Fe is almost every ride leaves from "home", although we did drive to Taos to do the South Boundary Trail.
I like this picture of our spot in Santa Fe. It looks like we think we are hidden in the trees. Todd on our railtrail ride from Santa Fe to Lamy and back.
Henry looking over Santa Fe from the Atalya trail.
I have been trying out goodies from interbike and will post a review soon.


  1. looks like you have a 29'er Magura fork... didn't think they made any '9er forks???

  2. Nope, it's a 26'r. You are right, no 29" forks...