Monday, February 15, 2010

24 Hours of Old Pueblo 2010

 1st (155-199 co-ed team)
24 Hours of Old Pueblo 2010 Results
 Cindy, Stan and Mike with all three Stan's NoTubes teams

Every year the promoter of the event (Todd Sadow) chooses a person in the sport of mountain biking to dedicate the event to. This year Stan Koziatek ( was honored and put together three teams, all of which placed 1st; my team a 155-199 team (22laps), a 200+ team (21laps) and a female singlespeed solo Karen Rishel (13 laps).
The Hippie Ninjas of Stan's World was our team name and included Fuzzy Mylne (Niner), Dejay Birtch (Niner), myself, Harlan Price and Jake Kirkpatrick. A great group of guys for sure!  We raced in the co-ed 155-199 category against the Team Topeak - Ergon (Dave Wiens, Yuki Saito, Sonya Looney, Jeff Kerkove and Rebecca Tomaszewski (Niner)). Todd and Andrew came out to support the team which was cool, since they would probably rather be racing.

This was my second time to race The 24 Hours of Old Pueblo. Two years ago I was part of the Kenda Team (blog post), it snowed, the nights were really cold, and we had flats every lap since our mechanic at the time did not believe in Stan's. Yes, we actually ran tubes that year. Never, never run tubes on the OP course, especially in this race. Cactus is knocked into the trail, if you are racing fast you cannot avoid it, if you are able to outrun your lights you will miss turns and run into cactus, and if you have to pass 80 people in one lap you will run over cactus. Obviously I was thrilled to go back knowing flats would not be an issue this year, but Stan sponsors the Ergon team too, so we knew they wouldn't have flats either.

I believe I got both fastest day and night laps for the women (1:05:47 and 1:10:16), but don't see those results posted. The best part of the weekend was being on such a fun/fast team and having Stan and Mike so involved with our racing. They knew lap times, who was up next, when the next racer was due in, etc. 

It was awesome standing in the exchange tent getting ready to go on a night lap and have Stan himself give me the strategy, adjust my light and make sure I had everything I needed, then when I finished my lap Mike would meet me. Mike knew everyone's lap time right away as he walked around with his iphone and kept an eye on the live results. Todd loved it too and went to bed for the entire night.
 Dejay's final lap done. Stan, Cindy, Mike sitting at the table with Todd.


  1. It was indeed my humble pleasure to have been a support crewer for Karen and some of the team members and it was great to meet everyone!! You are all true professionals/endurance riders. My hat goes off to each of you!! Congratulations to you all and thanks for allowing me to be a small help!!
    Sincerely, Freddie J.

  2. I had such a great time at this event. It was way cool to be around so many people having such a good time. Congrats on the win! Due to jeep trouble I did not make it back on Sunday, am bummed. Next year I hope to be there, volunteer and just stay for the whole weekend.
    There are a hundred or so photo’s from Saturday on my website, check them out if you like. I may have got your team mates in one or two of them.