Friday, July 23, 2010

Raffle: Win Stan's NoTubes Wheelset and more!

The Marathon World Championship race in St. Wendal, Germany is my next stop! I am one of three racers making up the USA Marathon Team. This is an amazing experience, I am very excited and a little intimidated...

MTBRaceNews, my sponsors, and friends have put together a great raffle to help with my travel expenses. Thank you to everyone involved, I really appreciate the support!

Please Visit the Raffle Site for more information.

  • Grand Prize - Stan's No Tubes Wheelset (your choice of rim with ZTR hubs)
  • Second Prize - Cycle Ops Fluid 2 Trainer with climbing block, mat, & Real Rides DVD series
  • Third Prize - Magura Hydraulic Disk Brake Package
  • Fourth Prize - 12-week coaching plan from LW Coaching
  • Fifth Prize - Raxter Bike Rack
  • Sixth Prize - Jagwire customization kit including Ripcord derailleur cable kit, Hyflow Quick-fit hose system or Ripcord brake cable kit; Non-crimp cable tips and disc brake pads all in the color/compound of the winner's choice.
  • Seventh Prize - Chamois Butt'r package including 6 tubes of and 6 jars of Chamois Butt'r and 4 sticks of New Bod'e Arm'r stick lubricant
Additional Prizes include: 2 Incycle team kits, nutrition packages from FRS, 3 canisters of recovery drink from Fluid, 10 pairs of socks from Recovery Socks, jerseys from Cannondale, and two 6-packs of canned oxygen from Oxygen4Energy.


  1. With my luck, I will probably win the prize for 4th. But that is o.k.; whatever it takes to help a friend live her dream.

  2. When will you be in Germany and are you only doing this one race?

    I just made a friend here in India that is from Germany and mountain bikes. She has a friend who owns a bike shop and puts on a race each year. They are more over in the alps though, so ways from where you will be for your race.


  3. Nate and I bought some tickets and could care less if we win anything-you are worth it!

  4. Congrats on making the team and best of luck to you Krista! I will pick up a couple tickets and throw out a few links for you- Good Luck.

  5. St. John's cyclingAugust 2, 2010 at 5:43 PM

    Hello Krista, Our little race team here in Springfield,MO heard about you making the Worlds team with no help from USAC. I few of our team members have had some run-ins with USAC and feel for you. We would like to help out and buy your kit for you. Tell me where to send a check and I'll get it coming asap. Good luck and congrats!