Tuesday, September 14, 2010

End of Season Break

August was awesome, I based out of Durango, CO and flew to the Germany Marathon World Championship, Cannondale Women's Symposium in Santa Rosa, CA then Windham, NY for my first World Cup race. It is now a perfect time for a break.

It has been two weeks since Windham, I am still in Durango and have hardly ridden. Instead I attended workout classes at Core Value Fitness. "Brazilian Butt Lifts" (squats and lunges for 45 minutes) and "Burn and Firm" (all-body workout) on back-to-back days left me unable to walk. Thanks Kricket! 

I had a couple chill days hanging out with Scott Morris as he rested up for the Vapor 125. I spent quality time with my Aunt, Uncle and Grandma, tried trail running, and began catching up on everything that gets blown off during the race season. I saw the dentist for the first time in three years, researched a better health insurance plan (way too time-consuming), attacked all the piles of "stuff" that have collected, performed small auto repairs and am in the process of various motorhome repairs. 

 Maybe that'll hold the truck light in...

Re-siliconing the motorhome roof is much harder than one would think, I have band-aids on most fingers now, removing all the old silicon is a pain, literally. A recall was issued for our refrigerator, something about "resulting in fire and possibly death"; I should probably look into that... The main slideout has a broken piece which is a result of poor slideout alignment.  We had the slideout aligned a while ago and apparently the guy didn't do it correctly. The broken awning (last Interbike trip) was apparently a result of this incorrect alignment. For the last couple months I have just left the slide-out in, it is a little cramped, but I haven't been home much. Oh yeah, all the dash gauges went out again. Temporary solution: Garmin GPS for speed, wild guesses for gas consumption, and just hope nothing is overheating. I think we may be heading through Iowa next year to visit the factory.

Next up Interbike! This will be an easy trip since my bags are still packed. I am not taking a bike, so I guess I could unpack the bike box. I signed up for CrossVegas in hopes of being able to borrow a cross bike off the Cannondale demo truck. The plan is to watch a video on the plane ride to see how to dismount, mount, jump and run. Everyone tells me it is easy, I am not so sure.

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