Sunday, November 14, 2010

Staying in Phoenix while getting RV repairs done.

Roof repair.  A piece of wood flew off a semi a while back and caused the roof seam to blow apart.

The fridge blew it's cooling unit so now it is a storage space for water bottles and hydration bladders. Driving your house around is hard on it.

It is the ON season for cyclists in AZ, plenty for me to do here:

Today an awesome 100miler in Tucson, Dirty Bunny

Long story short it was cut to 76.5 miles then we got to drink our entry fee.

Yesterday I signed up for a road century, but there was no official start and no group to ride with so I detoured at 30 miles and wandered around Scottsdale for another 15mi to get back to the start/finish. Found the Starbucks though!
Last week was an Arizona Endurance Series 42 mile ride. 

AES DCT, a little route finding required.

Ive been doing a little road riding exploring.

A little running. South Mountain.

Found an awesome fitness center.

Durango was amazing, but we had to move on when there was a little dusting of snow on the picnic table:

Kitty curled up on the heater vent and not very happy about it.

Bye Durango, I see snow!
Quick stop in Santa Fe, NM on the way to AZ: 
SS Cochiti ride with Tim and friends.

where I picked up all kinds of goodies including my new bike stand:
Best stand ever! Pro-Elite by Feedback Sports

AES Kentucky Camp then TN to visit family and finally Tucson (as soon as we have a working fridge, slide-out, radio, satellite and water pump).

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