Friday, March 4, 2011

2011 Sponsors

2011 is starting out perfectly, my sponsorships have worked out so I have real travel funds this year! Todd and I wintered in Tucson, Arizona and are now in Limassol, Cyprus for a "training camp", five races in three weeks.


Village of Kapedes, Cyprus (guess which rental car is mine)

To make things even better most of my new gear should be waiting for me when I return to Tucson. Before I get to start building up 2011 bikes I'll have a quick trip to Bonelli, CA for the first ProXCT race. We'll be getting "home" from Cyprus via London on Wednesday, driving to CA Thursday night and racing Saturday morning. Hopefully this is the theme for the entire year, travel, race and meet lots of new friends.

Thanks to my sponsors I have the sickest bikes and gear in the world!  2011 Cannondale Flash and Scalpel equipped with Leftys, SI Cranks, SRM power meters, SRAM XX drivetrains and brakes, NoTubes Podium wheels, Kenda tires, and Jagwire cables/housings. I am completely Osprey outfitted for my 2011 travels with super sweet luggage, gear bags and hydration packs.  Primal is providing my kits; I'll also be wearing UVEX helmets, Oakley sunglasses, Gaerne (training/racing) shoes and DZR (chilling) shoes. My nutrition is covered by FRS, PowerBar and CarboRocket. Feedback Sports has provided the most amazing bike stand and Radical Lights the super bright 1250 Lumens lights. It looks like the only parts I will have to buy this year are pedals and saddles! I am VERY thankful for the support and so psyched to be running the best cycling products made!

Here is my complete list of sponsors (also listed on the right side of the blog):

2011 Sponsor List
Primal New Primal kit pics here. They even have a Tech Tee which will fit my baggies and DZR look better than a race jersey.
DZR Shoes
Feedback Sports
UVEX helmets
Recovery Sock
Gaerne Shoes
Radical Lights
Genuine Innovations
Chamois Butt'r

Clinic Sponsors
FRS and NoTubes are now title sponsors of my 2011 clinics!

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  1. Way to go on acquiring sponsors. They picked the right chicka! Enjoy this season!