Monday, October 12, 2015

Krista's Custom Clinics- 2015 Fall Schedule

2015 Race Season was a blast. I'm so excited to have the BME #1 race plate next year.  Thank you to all my friends, family and sponsors! Huge thank you to Dr. Hammond at Animas Orthopedics, who knew you could fit an ACL and meniscus surgery into the off-season? (Last winter I finally fixed a 10-year old soccer injury, severed ACL. I had a bazillion questions and couldn't find cyclist success stories, feel free to contact me if you have questions. I highly recommend the Townsend custom braces in photos below.)

Switching focus to Clinics now! It's always so much fun to meet up with friends and make new ones while we all focus on improving skills. 

Turner RFX!!!!!!!

Dates below are tentative, please contact to reserve a specific date and time

Typical Skills Clinic -  Each Clinic will be Customized to the Client(s)

1-3 people
2-4 hours
Sessions are custom built for each person or group
$50/hr for a private session, cost goes down as the group grows
Review of basic skills followed by more advanced skills:
    Body position, bike set-up, bike-body separation
    Wheel-lifts, uphill and higher speed variations
    High speed cornering, flat corners vs. berms

Cornering Body Positions

No memorizing rules, every corner may need a slightly different application of skills. Why is this body position so drastically different than the first photo? 

Skills clinics let us practice skills, gaining a better understanding of what each shift in weight and change of position does for us. Nothing beats feeling comfortable and confident letting our body and bike move around to eat up whatever the trail throws at us.

Floating over Rocks - As Anthony says, "it's easier than hitting each one"

Specific requests include tricky sections of trail which the client wants to dial in, or a feature they have been wanting to try.

Clinic Travel Schedule

     Monday 19th 
     Tuesday 13th, 20th
     Wednesday 14th, 21st 
     Thursdays - booked
     Fridays - booked
     Saturday 17th
     Sunday 18th

November 9-14th

November 18th-30th

December 1st-10th

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