Monday, February 11, 2008

First XC Race of 2008 - Local AZ race 2/9

I haven't found any pictures of the race yet, so here is one of my camping spot at the venue. Pretty huh?
I ended up seeing an orthopedic doctor for my car-incident injuries. His verdict is that my knees are bruised behind the kneecaps and my right quad is still recovering. I am still limping, trying to walk as little as possible, and trying to never turn/pivot to the right. But once I get on the bike everything feels better and that's all that matters, right? This was my last race as a Colavita rider. I raced the local MBAA series; race #2 White Tanks, just west of Phoenix. I loved the course, just enough technical to break up the pedaling, but all rideable. The laps were ~32/33 minutes in length; it was a fast course ~13.1 mph average (for me). These times do not include changing a flat (pinch flat), but I am very happy to report that I performed a significantly faster flat change than in the SSAZ08 race, I am now down to 4:17. I have never had to change a flat in a National race and I sure hope I never do, 4 minutes is a loss of way too many places.
I raced Expert men and came in 7th of 13 finishers in my age group. (Without the flat it looks like I would have placed 4th, just out of 3rd.) Which was still not good enough to beat Jenna Zander who showed up to race in the Pro Women's field, she is training in Tucson for the winter as well. I would have placed 2nd of 4 there (with or without a flat). All expert men started together so it was a big start with pro men ahead of us and SS, Sport and Rock Crusher men behind us. They ran all women and beginner men earlier in the day.
My Aunt Rusty and Uncle Jim winter in Phoenix and came out to see what this bike racing stuff is all about. They did feedzone handoffs for me and were great. I somehow still managed to mess up a feed and go down in the feedzone, great entertainment for the spectators I guess. (I came in too fast, missed the feed and hit the front brake in gravel. A rookie move for sure.) I am very happy to get in a race before Fontana, I made some mistakes and hopefully won't make the same mistakes in Fontana.
I am now in the Freightliner Trucker's lounge waiting on an alignment, tire rotation and a wire harness fix (I have been driving without any gauges (speed, etc.) since September). Next weekend: 24-hours of Old Pueblo as a Kenda Titus Hayes rider.

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