Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun Ride, Playing with LED Lights, Eclipse

Thursday's MTB ride turned into a night ride due to bad time management throughout the day. So I decided to test out the new LED lights (since I didn't test them before the OP race). I wanted to see how they compared to my HID light. I had a really fun ride, a new bike and new lights to play with. Then I noticed that the moon, which had just come up full, was now a weird shape. I was riding toward the moon and watched the entire eclipse, pretty cool. Cell phones are not the best cameras...
As for the lights, the Dionette 600L does have a better, more consistent light pattern than my nightpro EVO Extreme HID. The 600L is much more of a flood, but seems to reach just as far. The surrounding night does not feel as dark, it felt like riding at dusk, but with a light. I say 600L on the helmet for sure and either a 600L or (hopefully) a 200L on bars (just to cast shadows for better depth perception). That will be the next test. I don't think the 600L handlebar mount is tough enough (I already broke one), but I won't need to run it on the bars if the 200L is strong enough to create shadows. Plus the 2nd 600L is Todd's...
600L vs HID

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