Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Krista vs. Pickup

I was headed home from a workout and got hit by a car. Well, I hit a pickup. I was in the bike lane and the driver did not see me till it was too late. He pulled out in front of me, I hit the brakes but still nailed the front quarter panel, my bike and I went over the hood and landed in front of the truck.
I am fine, just bruised up, my right quad is one huge knot and deep (soon to be) bruise. My right knee hurts, otherwise just some scrapes and all-over-aches. The bike seems okay except for bent rims. Three police cars, a fire engine, etc. showed up, it was quite a scene. I was able to open the brakes and ride (limp) home. I think the adrenalin allowed me to ride home, but I probably should have taken the firemen up on their offer of a ride home. Watch out for cyclists!

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