Monday, June 30, 2008

Deer Valley Short Track

Well this race went better. ST Start Pic (I am on the right ~5 deep.)
Todd told me to race the Racer-X since that would make me happy. :) I followed his advice and had a good ride (I didn't go to the front and try to ride with Georgia today), just tried to ride with what my legs had. I finished 13th, was pulled with one lap to go. I think I was able to get a little extra traction with the Racer-X on the loose short climb; I could stand in spots where I may not have been able to with a hardtail. Check out this video clip my Brother-in-law (Erika's husband, Dusty) took. I think this is the last lap, I am riding with Trek/VW riders Caitlyn Tuel (USA) and Jennifer Smith (NZl). We finished ~2.3 minutes off of the leader, Luna's Katerina Nash (Cze).

Hopefully I can kick this cold quickly. I keep hoping it is just really bad allergies, but no allergy meds have worked. I ebayed a bike frame and had to get it out today so I was one of those horrible people standing in line hacking. I tried to breath around the junk (so as not to cough) and thought I may very well drown while standing in line at the post office. I had my antibacterial wet wipes, so hopefully I didn't leave too many germs. I do think 7 months without a cold is a record for me.

We are headed to Moab tomorrow for a couple days of easy rides on short, flat trails.


  1. That video is great! Get better soon!

  2. That is an awesome video! I hope you feel better soon and good luck out East!