Tuesday, September 2, 2008

12th in the National Series Standing (in both XC and ST)

The series is now over for 2008. I finished tied for 12th in both the XC and ST series. My goal was to place in the teens in the races and finish with a series standing in the teens. Next year = Top 10. Brian Head ST = 13th Brain Head XC = 14th They both hurt. The ST seared my throat and lungs (I still have a cough from that effort). In the XC I experienced my first-ever, full-on cramping. On the very first downhill my legs seized up, my arms followed shortly, a very weird thing. I tried to walk one section but my toes were pointed down and my legs acted as though they had no hinged parts (knees, ankles, hips), I had to walk on my tip-toes/drag my legs with all my weight on the bars of the bike. At one point I was going around a right hand turn and had all my weight on the right pedal, my legs seized and there was no way I could turn the pedals or shift the weight to the left. In slow motion I went down and there was nothing I could do. I couldn't get my feet out, I had no control of my legs. It seemed to come in waves, I finally figured out if I pushed my heels all the way down and spun without too much power I could ride. I honestly didn't know if I could even finish the race. But, since getting off the bike and walking wasn't an option, I was able to clean everything... My legs still hurt worse than they ever have, what a way to end the season. But no mechanicals!

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  1. I think that is called a "body mechanical."

    Way to go on an awesome season!

    Here is to a top 10'r next season!