Sunday, September 14, 2008

NM State Championship -Super D

Three trips to Albuquerque in three days. Friday to pick up the van (which had needed an new half-axle), Saturday to Cedro for my Super D race, and again on Sunday for Todd's XC race. Saturday SuperD: The Cedro SuperD is my kind of race. Sleep in, get to the course @ 2:00pm, race @ 4:00pm, done 11.5 minutes later. The only problem is that you are more likely to get hurt racing SuperD than racing XC. Earlier in the week, my practice time for the initial rocky downhill was 1:40, I tried to better this time by picking a more direct line over a broken-up rock pile but I crashed hard instead. The small of my back took the entire hit when I landed on a rock shelf. I heard a loud crack (my back) then all the air rushed out of me. It took a bit for me to get up, untangle my bike and start walking down the trail (6minutes according to Polar). I iced it right away and luckily Barbara (Todd's Mom) was stocked up with pain killers and muscle relaxers from her neck surgery. By Saturday I decided that riding in the car, walking, sleeping, and doing chores are really too painful, but riding should be okay. (Plus, there was a cash payout and I was the only Pro Woman registered.) My race time on the first downhill (my favorite part) was 2:00, waaaay slow, but I stayed on the bike; the rest of the course was normal-to-rocky XC. The entire course was really fun. I finished mid-pack in the Men's Pro/Expert field and earned gas money, entry fee and dinner (Thank you NMORS). I didn't even feel my back while on the bike, but later it didn't feel so hot. Sunday XC: Todd raced SS against some really fast guys on a rough and rocky course (so rocky he gave up his rigid setup, tore apart the Scalpel, and put the lefty on the Vassago). During the race I hung out at the van and turned my geared Titus Fireline into a 19 lb singlespeed. Somehow I missed Todd's finish by ~ 2 minutes. I tried to make it, really. There was no way I could walk up the hill (my back) but I could ride -if I could just finish putting my bike together. ;) Todd finished 4th out of 14, ~ 5 minutes off of 1st. He is getting fast, I wouldn't want to race him right now.


  1. Oh, how I love the Super D. Too bad there are not any where I live. Just cannot justify travelling to race for 2 to 8 minutes.

  2. OUCH Krista
    sorry to hear about your back but your day on the bike afterwards sounds great. There's not much that keeps you down huh?
    Congrats to both of you on awesome finishes