Sunday, February 22, 2009

Race Clinic March 1st @ US West Cup #1

SoCal riders, please help pass the word! Thanks! Note: Clinic is now scheduled for 3:00 We will do a drawing, one attendee will receive a free pair of Ergon grips at each clinic, thanks Ergon! click on the following picture for larger view of the flyer. Also, the new US Cup/Pro Tour Site is up! click on the US CUP logo (left side of blog).


  1. Kudos to you for hosting a series of race clinics. You are getting a lot of ink these days. Hope all is well and you are ready to start kicking some butt!

  2. I just heard the news and couldn't wait for the blog post to say CONGRATS! Way to go Krista, great start to the season.

  3. Thanks guys! Guess Lynda still knows what she is doing, huh?