Sunday, February 15, 2009

Live Old Pueblo 24 hour Race Results

Todd and I had a great time watching the OP, warm, at "home", via live updates. Thanks Epic Rides!

This is the list we were keeping up with: .

Solo - Single Speed Female 1st Place: Lynda Wallenfels beat everyone in Male SS solo (29 racers), beat everyone in Female geared solo (20 racers) and placed 5th in the Male geared solo (102 racers). Wow! 2nd: Rebecca Tomaszewski . Solo - Single Speed Male 1st Place: Dejay Birtch, 4th: Chad Brown, 6th: John Hudspeth (Incycle) . Solo Female 1st Place: Sarah Kaufmann, 3rd: Mary Metcalf-Collier . Solo Male Dave Harris was in 3rd when we went to bed, but we must have jinxed him because that was his last lap. 69th (out of 102): Brian Rogers (Incycle) looks like he stopped at 10:30pm. . 4 Person Men Open 1st Place: Adrenaline Race Team (Andy Schultz, Sam Schultz and friends) vs. 2nd: Kona (Ryan Trebon, Barry Wicks and friends) . Duo Co-ed 1st Place: Shoair (Mario Correa and Heidi Volpe). This was an exciting race till something happened to the Man, Wife and Bike team (KC and Chris Holley). . 4 Person - Single Speed 4th place: Los Cycle Locos (Issac, Dominic, Aaron & Mark) . 5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 1st Place: Ergon Corporate (Jeff Kerkove, Sonya Looney and friends), 2nd: M and M Cycling (Jen and Dave Wilson and friends)

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