Sunday, October 12, 2008

6-hour Singlespeed Dirty Spokes - Conyers!

Last year Eric (Dedicated Athlete) beat me at Gainesville, I was geared and he was singlespeed; this year I tried to get him in the Singlespeed class, I got close! Results
What fun! I thought it was a hard course for a singlespeed, super steep climbs and flat fields. I entered the men's SS 6-hour solo class and didn't have a clue what to expect, there were 11 in the field and I finished 3rd, ~38 seconds behind Eric Ritenour (2nd) and 8.4 minutes behind Stephen Ridgeway (1st). The first few hours were very social, seeing a lot of people I haven't seen in over a year and meeting lots of new people.
With three laps to go I asked John Myers what place I was, he checked it out and let me know I was in 3rd with Eric ~5 minutes up, I did what I could for the last three laps, but couldn't get him...
I pitted with Addictive Cycles who were performing neutral support. Thank you Cody, Scott and Matt for making sure the bike stayed together. Thank you Tim and Dirty Spokes for such a great race! Congrats Nam and Eddie O'Dea & Chris and Tina Pic in the 12 hour 4-person team class. Namrita rode her SS, I would guess that adds 4+ minutes a lap compared to gears.
Congrats to my sister Erika, Jen Hanks and the rest of the Utah Girls team for their Pro Woman category win in the 24 hours at Moab this weekend.


  1. Congrats Krista! Way to give those guys a run for their money :-)

  2. Wow, great job! Who knew you were so fast?

    Anonymous Husband

  3. Krista, congratulations on this win, girl you were pickin' em off left and right out there and it was AWESOME to watch!

    It was great to meet you today, I can email you that shot you want, I just need to get your email address. Other photos from today are here

    We look forward to riding with you another day soon. If you ever need anything while you are in town, ping us! Brigette Dusack